Junoon New York (2/4) #EatwithArt

Junoon New York is a Michelin starred Indian restaurant in NYC. And the food is pretty good. But not good enough for it to be a Michelin starred restaurant, consisting is supposed to be a big deal. That includes they service as well. It's good, but not great!

We were able to get in for lunch for 6 ppl, without advanced reservation, called 5 mins in advance. Usually you should call. But after seating, 2 of us didn't even get any silverware even after food arrived, seriously. Quite something for Michelin starred restaurant. He didn't even come to ask about food or make good recommendations etc. so points taken for service.

For food, it want bad. The lunch special for $25 for 3 course meal or thali/platter is not bad. Portions are good too. Although it did take quite lung to ring it, slow service. I tried the eggplant chat, which was basically battered and fried eggplant, but not bad. The lamb kohlapuri, wasn't bad, but not spicy enough to be original. The kheer (rice pudding) was nice.

So, you should try the place if you want to try Indian food first time, at an expensive upscale setting. And your spicy expectations are low for Indian food. But if you are a true Indian food fan, or an Indian, you maybe disappointed, specially for the money you need to spend. If you get to try it for free, for some good reason, go ahead!


Note: These ratings and review are personal opinion of the author.