Where to enjoy the best NYC Smoothies this summer! #DrinkMNYE


Smoothie history is intrinsic in the US DNA. Back in the 30s health food stores started selling puréed fruit drinks in the West Coast and, by the 60s and 70s, these shakes were the darlings of the East Coast. When strolling in the New York streets it’s a must to carry around a large beverage to sip. It’s either coffee, water or a smoothie.

So to feel like a true New Yorker here are the places to try out the best smoothies in town:

9 FUEL GRILL & JUICE BAR (683 9th Avenue)

If you’re hypoglycemic the bliss haven set in Hell’s Kitchen is the place where you should fuel your body. This Juice Bar’s menu of beverages seems to actually indicate what smoothies best fit your needs. From the Diabetes Helper, to the Muscle Fuel, from the Acne Solver to the Hangover Killer, fruits and vegetables get mashed in an elixir for your well-being.  

8 UPTOWN VEG JUICE BAR (14 East 125th Street)

The number one vegetarian restaurant  in Harlem is a family owned business that has been providing its customers with a healthy diet for over 17 years. The fresh-pressed juices and smoothies are popular amongst uptowners, especially their Green Juice, which is a combination of celery, parsley, spinach, cucumber, broccoli, watercress.

7 DIG INN (150 East 52nd Street)

If you’re digging it with healthy lifestyle, go Inn! The creed of Dig Inn (in all six locations) is that everyone deserves to eat well, even on a budget. That is the reason why they decided to democratize the farm-to-table movement offering vegan selections at fair prices. If you have a sweet tooth, you will love the chocolate smoothie made with organic cacao, fresh whole banana, dates, organic soy milk, and agave nectar.  

6 BLOSSOM DU JOUR (259 West 23rd Street)

The name and ambiance seem to weld East and West, thanks to Pamela Elizabeth who established Blossom Du Jour as an alternative to fast food. All vegan recipes are delicious and nutritious, healthy, eco-conscious and enlightening on the benefits you may gain by detoxing through juice cleansing. 

5 LIQUITERIA (170 Second Avenue)

The original location set in the East village has become ever so popular that it branched out in other locations around Union Square and the West Village. So what is it that makes smoothies and juices so popular here? Juices are packed with easily digestible raw vitamins, minerals and enzymes from fresh fruits and vegetables, flooding your body with wholesome nutrition and the nourishment you crave. 

4 JUICE PRESS (156 Prince Street)

Thirteen locations all over New York City demonstrate how good Juice Press is. What is the trick? Being organic and cold pressing juice to maintain the solid pulp, which is then pressed by the hydraulic press. The variety of flavors is unbelievable: there are 59 unique bottled beverages and 23 superfood smoothies. My favorite? The ginger fireball that is also great for the immune system.

3 D’VIDA (11 Madison Avenue)

You will be truly Living D’Vida Loca when exiting this health bar. The wide assortment of fresh fruit smoothies, will satisfy your thirst for freshness. But you can also indulge in a  healthy guilty pleasure, trying their frozen yogurt, sweet shakes or baked goods.

2 ORGANIC AVENUE (116 Suffolk Street)

You may find an Organic Avenue store all over the Big Apple, since it’s the premier plant-based retailer in the US. It truly inspires healthy living, that will “Feed Your Brain” as their motto says. The revolutionary must try is their energizing Matcha, that contains caffeine, but as a result of unique phytonutrients, that basically kick into your system less traumatically than coffee but still set you running. The Matcha Latte  and Revival Smoothie contain this chlorophyll derived ingredient that helps oxygenation and balances the blood’s pH.

1 JUICE GENERATION (Grand Central)

Grand Central is just one of the main locations of this extraordinary juice realm, created by Eric Helms, back in 1999. His mission is expanding across Manhattan - through 15 stores and counting - to promote a lifestyle movement and sustainability. For instance Juice Generation is part of the Green Restaurant Association and participates to New York’s Food Waste Challenge. Not only are the juices top-notch, but the philosophy promoted by Helms has made Juice Generation the epitome of juicing expertise all over the media.