Want Barcelona style tapas? | BOQUERIA SOHO (3/4) #EatWithART

I like Spanish food. And no, I’m not talking about Mexican food, it’s different. I like that too. And yes, Mexican food is not same as Tex-Mex… Anyways, before I go off the tangent… Let’s go back to Spanish food. Our New York City happens to have some very good Spanish tapas bars, and I’ll definitely say Boqueria is one of those.

On a warm-ish NYC day, my stroll to get there for lunch was quite nice, it’s in the cool SOHO neighborhood. And the place is nice, modern with a very warm and welcoming environment. The server was also very warm, informative and nice. So far, so good!

The menu offers a wide variety of tapas style dishes which can be ordered alone or shared for the table. On average you may need 3-4 tapas dishes for one person. Oh, just in case you didn’t know tapas means, it is small snack style dishes, not full meal. But it’s cool, as you can order many and enjoy many dishes. The prices are not ridiculous either; it’s on the moderate side. The menu also has American style full entrees. The servers are nice, friendly and will explain whatever you may need.

I ordered Cojonudo (Fried quail eggs and chorizo on toast), Albóndigas (Lamb meatballs, tomato sauce, sheep’s milk cheese), Moruno y Salsa Verde (Grilled lamb, salsa verde, pickled shallots, rustic baguette). All 3 were delicious, and served pretty quick (10-15 mins). Lamb was tender and very well marinated. The meatballs had great seasoning too. Although by serving all 3 together, some of the things got cold. But it was still pretty good… And yes, they can make omelet from quail eggs. I have tried, it is kinda hard!

So, if you like Spanish food, or you like tapas, you like flavourful fun food, or you just want to try, this is that place. Enjoy!

For more details, check out their site below