Hi New York, Hey USA, Hello World!

We are bringing to you myNewYorkeye. We will keep eyes on our New York City, the city which is the heart & the center of the world and also New York Metropolitan Area. We will show you what's going on here, in Entertainment & Arts - Film, TV, Broadway/Theater and other Arts;  Food & Travel - Restaurants, Bars, Food carts, Night Life, Things to see, Things to do; and Urban Kids & Pets - About the mobile & thumb generation and the canines, felines & other 4 legged New Yorkers; and lot more to come as you may like it. We will also be eyes of New York, keeping eyes outside of New York, not only USA but entire world, bringing you anything & everything you would want to know about, explore & learn. We will be eyes on New York & eyes of  New York.

So, what's in it for you? Let me tell you first how are we different? We are not just any other digital magazine or online portal & show, we are lot more. Not only we will be bringing you lots of exclusive celebrity & special content, news, views, interviews & information; but we will also bring you the true flavor of New York, from true New Yorkers. People of different color, race, nationality, religion, sexes; speaking not only English but one other language, from another culture, add another flavor, bringing you the true New York. We will tell you about that awesome indie movie made by the guys from the neighborhood, that off-off-off Broadway play that's soon going to create big buzz around town, that musician in A/C/E train who's just awesome, that food cart under your office which makes best lamb-rice, that bar down the corner which has the best microbrew beer for a dollar or that sweet joint across the street which has the best pizza slices ever. We are going to tell you about stuff which not everyone knows yet, but it's going to be BIG, because we have tried it, our New Yorkers loved it and we know it's going to be BIG. So we will have you get there first!

What more is in it for you?  We will have some amazing gifts & prizes for you. How? We have some great partners in Entertainment, Movies, Theater, Food, Merchandise and lots of other cool stuff, who want to give away stuff to you guys. Why? Because you are with us, you are in New York and we like to share our love. You give us your love and we love you right back, that's New York. We will also bring you the best deals, suggestions, inputs, reviews, bargains and everything else you are looking for. You keep your eyes on us and myNewYorkeye will watch out for you!

Is there anything else in it for you?  Yes. We want to make myNewYorkeye as training and mentoring ground for young upcoming Artists and Talent of New York. New York is a place of dreams; people from all over US & world come to New York to make their dreams come true. We will find and create list of such young passionate New Yorkers in each and every field, who are here to succeed and we will be keeping our eyes on them for next one year, tracking their journey and sharing their story & success with you. We will not only help them but also bring some successful industry professionals on board to train & mentor them to path of success. At the end of the year, we will be giving one success story from each field, the myNewYorkeye - Talent Of The Year Award.  We will also have these talents and other aspiring talents of New York to share their New York experiences, stories, secrets and news with you. It could be your family, your friend or YOU!

I am really very excited to bring myNewYorkeye to you. Our team is motivated and inspired like every true New Yorker. Let's start this wonderful journey together, sharing some great stories, telling some great tales and making some great memories but beyond all starting this wonderful initiative which will show our New York to the world, like no one has shown or seen yet.

Come on and see New York through our eyes - myNewYorkeye

Art Shrian
CEO & Co-founder