Larry Morgan : The Voice of The Movies, Sort of!

So, I was at the press conference for "The Grudge Match," (directed by Peter Segal) which you can not catch on netflix. I am minding my own business-which the NYC  way-and I heard a booming voice that instantly reminded me of film authority. 

The distinctive voice kept growing louder, like an impending thunder storm until the supersonic source was literally in front of my blinking eyes.

"Good golly Miss Molly," this man has a voice.  I know this voice but the face was not familiar.  Throwing my shy demeanor to the wind and attaching my "journalism hat," snugly and fashionably, to my fuzzy heard, I ventured the question and the answer came bubbling out.

myNewYorkeye: Are you the voice of AMC theaters?

Larry Morgan: Yes'mam.  I'm that voice inside AMC and UA/Edwards/Regal cinema chains theaters telling you to hurry up, wash your a hands because the movie is about to begin!  Plus other cool stuff!

myNewYorkeye: Nice to know that I am not (that) crazy! Wait, why are you at the Warner Bros. "Grudge Match"  press junket?  Did Robert Di Niro or Sly forget to wash their hands?

Larry Morgan: No (I don't think) the director, Peter Segal is one of my best friends.  We go all the way back to our USC days!  Coming to surprise Peter is now a tradition!

myNewYorkeye: Awesome.  I get the loyalty part and the movie link.  So, whats the tradition you have with Peter?

Larry Morgan: One of the traditions is ambushing his press junket any time he has a new film coming out.  It started back in 2003 when he had me in a small role as "Guy Playing Pool."  I teamed up with my long-time friend Mark S. Allen who hosts the show "Mark at the Movies" on the Reelz Channel and we surprised Pete by me hopping in the chair asking him sarcastic and personal questions. 

Since then we've done the same on "50 First Dates", "The Longest Yard", "Get Smart" and this year for "Grudge Match" I showed up in boxing shorts and gloves - and nothing else.  I think he appreciates the special attention since, usually, directors get the short end when it comes to publicity. 

He's a good sport, though, and it certainly breaks up the junket process.

myNewYorkeye:  I am touched that you and Peter are friends after all these years!

Shout out to the folks you love brother!  It's the holidays, show love!

Larry Morgan: Shouting to my amazing wife, Charla, who has been putting up with the bizzaro radio, tv, film business adventures!  Second shout to our amazing child, Alex,  who we managed to bring up and turn into an incredible young man!  He's now attempting to live the actor's life in New York.

Last shout out to my personal/professional pals Mark S. Allen and Peter Segal who, for many many years, remain two of my closest friends and are still the most grounded, most talented and most silly people I know.  And silly is important.

Happy holidays,Larry and tell young Alex to visit us in Harlem.  I'll make sure he gets a good seat at the movies, after all his father is the voice that hurries millions back to their movie seats and with clean hands!