TRAE HARRIS. Lesbians and films!

NEWLYWEEDS, a New Kind of Stoner Romance and will be available on DVD, OnDemand.

Writer-Director Shaka King created the pot comedy, NEWLYWEEDS that neither condones nor condemns the recreational use of marijuana as it tells the story of Lyle and Nina, a young couple trying to keep their lives and relationship together while sharing a voracious appetite for cannabis.

Out lesbian spoken word artist Trae Harris plays 'Nina,' a tour guide for the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.  Their grass habit stokes a hallucinatory safe zone setting off a series of wacky, urban drama!

Trae and I shared a round of perfectly poured espressos in the house; courtesy of expert barista & rising fine artist Richard R (@Starbucks on 9th).

Hyped on caffeine here is what the young beauty had to share about being out and weed!


myNewYorkeye: Did the film director, Shaka King, actually find you via Facebook?

Trae Harris: Part true and false.  First through mutual friends and then from an interview in my blog that I did for

myNewYorkeye: Describe your character, 'Nina,' and how she fits into the world of "Newlyweeds"?

Trae Harris: Well for me she does not strive to fit into the world, she is more or less hovers around it trying to find the path that looks most colorful and dreamy.

myNewYorkeye: What single piece of advice did your two co-stars, AMARI CHEATOM and COLMAN DOMINGO give when working on a film?

Trae Harris: To be honest, and have fun. Everybody was really good at being in truth.

myNewYorkeye: Your a Performance artist, what's next for you?

Trae Harris: Releasing my writing and more solo performance work. I wanna really flex my wings and showcase the full range of what I have to offer artistically.

myNewYorkeye: As a working and out lesbian, what's the best part of being a creative sappo?

Trae Harris: The best part of being out and being a creative is I get the opportunity to be a face and voice for a group that does not usually have one!!

myNewYorkeye: What do you love about NYC?

Trae Harris: I love that when I'm walking down the street people are not staring because I'm black or queer or even a woman, people are namely staring because I have on a sick outfit or because I'm standing next to someone famous!!

myNewYorkeye: Where do you get creatively charged?

Trae Harris: I get really creatively charged in my spiritual world. My dream state is where I come up with my work.

myNewYorkeye: Whose your favorite up and coming fashion and jewelry designers?

Trae Harris: Why and show Right now I would say L'Enchantuer which is a luxury life style brand based in NY!! They are twin sisters and I live and love their work!!

They incorporate their heritage and culture in their pieces and they have such a international feel!! They utilize the textures and materials that are rich and rare!! I love them!!