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By Lapacazo Sandoval, Paul Zapata and Art Shrian-special to myNewYorkeye

Hip-hop, bling and street art have been on my mind.  The twitterdom was abuzz that the rising street artist known by the moniker "oVeR," was delivering custom pieces to his deep pocketed benefactors at the "Ride Along" red carpet premiere (Lincoln Center AMC).

His work is coveted because of his "alleged" affiliation with the "blue nation" and that fact that he never turned on his crew.  Once released from incarnation "oVeR's" art pieces are now being snatched up by buyers representing Russian, Dubai and urban Hollywood elite's collections.

The aforementioned "art establishment" care nothing of his "alleged battle wounds" or his time in the city streets but I give it some weight especially when I read the twitter traffic.

One twitter feed---"n$&@&/$ ain't oVerR/dropped the cans, found a brush,skining/minting/paid in caviar and desert dough."

Mystery complete, his own underground community couldn't pick him out in a line up. What?  I had to know so the myNewYorkeye crew went on a "Ride Along."

Paul is stationed on the carpet---perched on a stool---to catch the arrival of stars Ice Cube, Kevin Hart,  Tika Sumpter and director Tim Story for the new comedy "Ride Along" which opened last week.

Snippets.  I've  SKYPED my partner Art Shrian (in India) and were on the look out for the illusive "oVeR"

Logic being anyone holding a big canvas or a large tube.

Jackpot, the up escalator stopped and I was sandwiched between a plethora of publicists in front and nervous talent behind.

"Damn, I can't walk up in these heels." a video vixen screeched. "I gotta return these things on Monday."

"OMG. Just walk people!" demanded a flittering flack. "Cube is in good mood. 'Today's going to be a good day' "

Young film lead,  Tika Sumpter chimed:  "I use to work in a movie theatre.  I'm home.  Raised in Queens and now I'm on  the big screen with these amazing talents.  Thank you .. all you haters!"

Finally, with machinery moving, I hear one last pearl:  "oVeR" just dropped a piece.  How long of a ride is this flick? Gotta pick that one up..."

To introduce "Ride Along" in strolled Ice Cube and Kevin Hart.

Ice Cube:  "Yeah, Yeah. Oh shit, it feels good, for sure, to be in NYC." Cube shouted with a gruff-huff.  

"Y'all looking good. I know what your thinking,  'this shit better be good.'  Right?  It's right up there, I think, with the classics."

Kevin Hart: "Whose bright idea was it to put me in the middle.  Damn.  You know I got shorts legs.  Hey, I'm Kevin Hart and after you see this movie twitter the world that you love "Ride Along."  We're not asking.  Shit, we got Ice Cube out, Homie don't even come out his house. Show more love. Twitter."

Flash: As I was filing my story, I checked my writers' bag for the red carpet "photo cheat sheet" and look what I for found:  "oVeR" tagged me and I didn't even know it!

That's myNewYorkeye, "oVeR" and out.