2018 Holiday Gift Ideas!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, yes, the holiday season. Time to eat, drink, enjoy some wonderful family time and buy holiday gifts for your loved ones, or yourself. Here are few unique recommendations from us

A CUSTOM TAILORED SUIT by MOHAN CUSTOM TAILORS: You have to agree that any man looks great in a well fitting suit. Now a custom tailored is not a luxury item only for the riches. With Mohan’s Custom Tailors, you can get a custom tailored suit starting at just few hundred dollars. And they have some amazing holiday special deals as well. This will be a gift to last for years!

SKATEBOARDS by BEASTIE BOARDS: You may not be feeling the urge to spend a few hundred dollars and may not need a suit. How about a skateboard? Even if you are not a skateboarding enthusiasts, these beautiful skateboards adored by beautiful art, will make a great and unique decoration piece for any wall. A unique gift for that unique person in your life!

  • Designer Glasses and Mugs by ROOT7: We all need and use mugs and glasses, but why not get something really unique and special? They have many cool things but her are 2 specific suggestions that I loved.

    • Shots of Himalayan salt. Yes, you can do your shots in shot glasses made of Himalayan salt.

    • Root 7 Geo Glasses are unique geometrical shapes and great quality. Forget about boring round glasses, try something geometric and unique!

    • Your morning cup of coffee will feel even better with a colorful Ombre Mug. It also feels really good to hold, seriously!

While we are talking about mugs, this cute color changing UNICORN mug is just adorable. For kids or for yourself!

Keep an eye here for more gift suggestions to be coming in upcoming days/weeks.


Your Face Deserves High End this Holidays, TRY HourGlass!

Whatever you do, please don’t get turned off by the words “high end” — especially when it comes to your pretty face, ladies.


Something happened to me, recently inside a Sephora store. I met a woman with ebony-hued skin and a specular glow — so fantastic, that I thought, perhaps, she had stepped from the pages of a very modern fairytale.

The makeup on the woman’s face was HourGlass cosmetics, and she was a representative from the company.  After a few well placed phone calls to their public relations team, I received a gift package and began my journey to learn more about the products.  

To assist me in this task, I enlisted professional makeup career, Daurisa Tessier, a “sister” with over 10 years experience as a professional makeup artist. Her work is featured in many notable publications and global ad-campaigns, including Vogue, Berta Bridal, MAC, Chanel, Nars, Victoria Secret, and much more.

Here’s what make up artist Miss Daurisa Tessier had to share about using HourGlass.

MyNewYorkEye: How can a woman of color match her skin to get a natural look with HOURGLASS?

Daurisa Tessier : Hourglass foundation sticks are absolutely beautiful for women of color. With 26 beautiful shades, there is a color for every woman and ethnicity.  Not only is the Hourglass stick a foundation, but the coverage conceals under eyes and any imperfections of the skin, leaving you with a beautiful finish that feels like it was set with powder. When I tried the foundation for myself, I must say I was very impressed with the coverage and how long the makeup lasted throughout the day. The benefits are that it is something you can carry in your purse or travel with because it is only .25 OZ.  I used it with the Vanish seamless foundation brush, which made the foundation go on as if it was silk. I was never a fan of stick foundations but I must say I was impressed how the color I chose was perfect for my skin tone which was honey, and how effortlessly it was to put it on. Everyone wants skin that looks perfect, and Hourglass foundation sticks by far are the closest to getting a flawless application and beautiful skin.

MNYE: How important is a primer for women of color?

DT:  Primer for a woman of color is the canvas before the art. let me explain: Here are so many benefits to using a primer the first one is that is blurs out imperfections in the face and minimizes pores in the skin before putting on the foundation. The other amazing reason for using primer is it helps with oil and it makes your makeup stay fresh and last all day. I definitely recommend a primer to all women of color. We all know the saying “black don’t crack” but we all know it can get some creases (smiles). One of the primers I recommend is by Hourglass, and it is the Veil Primer. Some of the benefits are that it smooths out the skin, its oil-free, and it makes the makeup last all day long. It helps with making pores, wrinkles and lines in the face look very minimal, and it even has SPF 15 to protect from the sun and last but not least its vegan. So yes ladies, before we paint our face, lets prime it first.

MNYE: ourglass's Lip Color stays on long and keeps the lips moisturized. How does a woman add that extra sparkle for the holiday season?

DT:  Using Hourglass Femme rouge velvet creme lipstick is the way to go for the holidays. One of my favorite shades is Muse which is a beautiful coral color. The lipsticks are very creamy and are infused with vitamin E. To give it a more sparkly look for the holiday, I would add their Extreme Sheen High Shine lipgloss in the color reflect which will give the lips a nice glossy pout.

MNYE: How can you get a Sparkle Holiday look?

DT:  When I think of a Holiday look I think of highlighting and contouring the face and glitter. Combining all of these wonderful Hourglass products and adding a touch of glitter on the lips and eyes gives off a sparkle to the face that is absolutely beautiful.  Hourglass makes a beautiful highlighter and one of my favorites is the Ambience Strobe Lighting powder in Eurphoric. Brush this powder delicately on your forehead, down your nose, cheekbones, and browbone to give your skin a beautiful glow. A holiday looks also need lashes and of course a winged out eyeliner on the top lid in black.



Shawn Blanchard: From Crack Baby to Author, Speaker & Mentor

Shawn Blanchard was born on the Westside of Detroit with drugs in his system in an environment surrounded by drugs, sex, poverty, and negative peer pressure. He has seven brothers. Today, three are deceased, and two are incarcerated. In reading this, most would assume that with his upbringing there would be no hope for a better tomorrow. They would assume that his beginning would be the very end of his story, when in fact, his story had just begun.

Present day, Shawn is a Mentorship Specialist, Author, and Speaker who has dedicated his life to mentoring and providing youth with the necessary tools needed to reach success for over 15 years. He was recently honored and awarded the President Barack Obama's Volunteer Community Service Award in DC at the White House. Art Shrian and myNewYorkeye had a conversation with Shawn, and he's smart, funny and inspiring. Just what you would expect. Here are the excerpts:

Art Shrian: You started with unfortunate beginnings, but you not only came out of it, but turned it around. Who and what motivated you to be able to do that?

Shawn Blanchard: There are honestly a ton of factors that influenced me. Quite frankly, I believe that we all have unlimited factors that have the potential to influence us if we let them. Formal mentorship was a big part of my motivation starting with my Grandmother, a high school counselor, some brothers, and some of my sisters. Even if I didn’t want to emulate someone exactly there were factors that I appreciated or they served as a “really good bad example” and I knew exactly what I didn’t want to emulate. Beyond the individuals I watched television and would see A Different World, Will Smith’s charisma and fun intelligence in Fresh Prince, James Bond’s overall articulate yet masculine finesse, Eddie Murphy’s suave persona in Boomerang, and countless others that I would sew together to produce the kind of man package I wanted to embody.

AS:  As people of color, we face injustice and lack of same opportunities everyday. How was your journey (any specific examples), and how did you overcome those obstacles?

SB: I think we should approach every situation with excellence in mind regardless of our circumstances. If you give me a seemingly impossible test, that simply means that your “impossible” is about to be my “possible”. Such situations give us the ability to strive beyond the norm. When I hear statistics or myths about my people I simply understand that there is general information out there that doesn’t apply to everyone. Society and media has a way of painting a tainted picture of people of color. I see these statistics broken all the time and in many instances the “statistics” are lies. People often talk about the amount of black men in prison when in actuality there are more black men in college then in prison. I recall being at the University of Michigan. I was told that I shouldn’t take math or economics courses because they would be difficult for me to pass given my background being from a high school in an underserved community. So, I made math and econ my major and even taught math at the University of Michigan during the summers. I take pleasure in obstacles. They tend to be opportunities.

AS: Now you're mentoring young folks, and giving back to the community through your book, seminars and other ways. How important is this to you? And how has it impacted you personally, in process of helping others?

SB: This is my life’s mission. I’m blessed because it takes some of us a lifetime to find our purpose in life. My main thought behind what I do is making sure that my presence and tools make the lives of others better. Otherwise, I would be working in vein. This has impacted my personality because it forced me to dig deep into myself, my experiences, and research to find solutions to some of life’s most difficult scenarios. It also gives me clarity of what is truly fulfilling. Making the life of another better is a real reward.

AS: You happen to be a fashion and men's style expert and successful entrepreneur as well. How important do you think dressing up and your appearance is to be successful in life? 

SB: Attire plays a helpful role in our success. It shapes the minds of others through there first impressions. I’m a firm believer in knowing you have to teach people how to treat you. An easy first step is displaying the visual aspect of excellence through attire. It displays your energy level, attention to detail, gentleman knowledge, individuality, and overall intelligence. Secondly, we have to psychologically send ourselves personal messages. One’s attire can send a message of importance to self.

AS: Any particular tips on mens styling and what's going to be HOT this summer?

SB: This summer there are a couple looks that I foresee being winners. For the dressier look patterns on patterns, neckerchiefs, and shades of grey are setting the tone. For the more relaxed look; overly distressed jeans, baseball caps, and backpacks that are cool enough to take into a boardroom will set the stage.

AS: What's your favorite TV shows, and what's in your netflix/amazon queue right now?

SB: Great Question! My favorite television show is definitely POWER! It’s a real show that some see as entertainment, however, it is definitely a reality that many are not privy to. Lately I’ve been letting it loop in amazon while I get work done to make sure I’m caught up for the upcoming season. I just started Game of Thrones… I like it!

AS: Who would you like to play you, in your biopic? Why?

SB: Hmmm… I was just having this conversation on FB Live. There are a number of actors that would play the role well. I think Michael B. Jordan or Chadwick Boseman may be good choices. I think Michael B. Jordan would be really believable because it would be playing a merger between his role in Rocky, Fruitville Station, mixed with an intellectual, charismatic care giver which I haven’t seen him do yet. Seems like he’s naturally that kind of person anyway. Chad on the other hand has mastered the art of playing another character well which we saw in Jackie Robinson. This would be a totally new role for him that I’m sure he could execute well.

AS: What's your most favorite and least favorite thing about NYC?

SB: My most favorite aspect of NYC is the hard work among the rich cultured melting pot. Between various ethnicities, food, dance, and language, there is a universal thirst for hard work and acceptance of diversity. My least favorite aspects are the rats in the subway! Those things are like small dogs! LOL!

The Art of Shaving Launched The Morris Park Collection with Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl

The Art of Shaving debuted The Morris Park Collection with Johannes Huebl and Olivia Palermo in New York City last night. Todd Brisky, Managing Director of The Art of Shaving, introduced guests to The Morris Park Collection while highlighting the new razors’ smooth handling, bold style and superior performance. The evening featured a look at rare 1950s and 1960s vintage cars that inspired The Morris Park Collection. Throughout the night, The Art of Shaving Master Barbers’ demonstrated how to achieve key grooming styles using the Morris Park Collection razor and 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave. Attendees indulged in passed bites inspired by the three razor colors – Signal Red, Royal Blue and British Racing Green - as they experienced the sleek race cars and sporty shaving collection.

Special guests Johannes Huebl and Olivia Palermo previewed the cars while mingling amongst guests and discussing key grooming tips with The Art of Shaving Master Barbers. Johannes, dressed in a crisp blazer with navy pants, and Olivia, in a black tuxedo dress, mirrored the contemporary elegance of The Morris Park Collection.

Johannes Huebl and Olivia Palermo explained, “The Morris Park Collection combines the look of a classic car with a modern design in three bright, eye-catching colors. We love the racecar-themed names, which are a fashion-forward twist to incorporate into a daily grooming routine.” 

As a fixture on men’s fashion pages, Johannes continued, “The Morris Park Collection is a very fashionable and cool grooming collection of razors, fun for every Gentleman who prefers the proper wet shave."

The Morris Park Collection 

The Art of Shaving introduces The Morris Park Collection, a new line of razors inspired by New York’s historic Morris Park race track. Displaying smooth handling and bold style, The Art of Shaving Morris Park Collection razors bring a sleek, bright design into gentlemen’s bathrooms to start their mornings stylishly.

Exclusively designed by The Art of Shaving, the world’s leading premium shave brand, each Morris Park Collection razor features a bright and superior design to create an exceptional shaving experience. Choose from three signature vintage racing colors – Signal Red, Royal Blue or British Racing Green. Each razor is lacquered in a striking high-gloss finish and accented with distinct chrome accents and inlaid detailing. A lightweight and balanced handle is marked with clean lines and a crisp white racing stripe, elegantly merging the razor’s timeless race car inspiration with a modern, cutting-edge appearance.

The Morris Park Collection is a continuation of The Art of Shaving’s long-standing relationship with New York, which have been intertwined since the first Art of Shaving stores flourished on the city’s concrete streets in 1996. Taking its influence from the classic cars that first raced at Morris Park in Bronx, New York during the early twentieth century, the Morris Park Collection mirrors their vivid colors, fine craftsmanship and sporty, yet elegant, look.

Similar to the previous Chelsea and Lexington Collections, the Morris Park Collection extends The Art of Shaving’s Heritage Collection series. Each Heritage Collection echoes the voice and character of New York’s most dynamic neighborhoods, landmarks and streets. To elevate one’s daily shaving ritual, pair the Morris Park Collection razors with The Art of Shaving’s pre-shave, shaving and after-shave products to experience a unique and individual take on the 4 Elements of The Perfect Shave. The Morris Park Collection razor fits with all Gillette Fusion and Fusion ProGlide blades. 

  • The Art of Shaving

Founded in 1996, The Art of Shaving is considered one of the world’s leading premium shaving brands with its essential oil based grooming products, high-end shaving instruments, and a growing retail chain dedicated to men’s shaving. The Art of Shaving has trademarked its wet shaving system “The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave” – Prepare, Lather Up!, Shave, and Moisturize – and is recognized as one of the best-selling men’s brands at high-end department stores. What started from one small store in Manhattan has evolved into an extensive collection of male-focused luxury retail shops across the country – over half of which boast Barber Spas; a unique masculine service concept that combines traditional barber services with essential oil facial treatments. Today, The Art of Shaving shops are found in over 140 self-named locations across the US. The Art of Shaving is sold online atwww.TheArtofShaving.com and at fine retailers online stores such as Nordstrom.com, Bloomingdales.com, Sephora.com, Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Macy’s. 

The Morris Park Collection is available at The Art of Shaving boutiques and www.theartofshaving.com, and retails for $60.

Through June 22nd, purchase a Morris Park Collection Razor with any Mid-Size Kit for $95.


Olivia was wearing-

  • Dress: Black tuxedo dress by Tibi
  • Shoes: Pink caged heels by Schutz
  • Bracelets: Matching embellished cuffs by Miriam Haskell
  • Purse: Black clutch by Hayward

Photo Credit: Ben Draper Photography

Domingo Zapata’s three one-of-a-kind, hand-painted pieces to be auctioned!

Recently, Stacey Bendet hosted a private dinner party to celebrate the Alice + Olivia and Domingo Zapata CFDA Capsule collection. The collaboration with the CFDA got launched on Tuesday, April 28th at the dinner party.


Attendees Included

Stacey Bendet, Domingo Zapata, Princess Eugenie York Lisa Smilor, Diane von Furstenberg, Juliette Lewis, Jennifer Morrison, Mary Louise Parker, Kelly Rutherford, Diana Picasso, Ashley Smith, Tali Lennox, Rachel Roy, Abby Elliott, Gigi Burris, Sara Sophie Flicker, Sabine Heller, Kyle Hotchkiss Carone, Ian Jones, Sean Macpherson, Lola Schnabel, Brandi Garnett, SZA, Chelsea Leyland, Amirah Kassem, Cleo Wade, Phoebe Stephens, Annete Stephens

Music by Alix Brown


Famous Artist Domingo Zapata’s three one-of-a-kind, beautifully hand-painted pieces to be auctioned for CFDA


For the first CFDA capsule collection, Stacey Bendet has partnered with celebrated artist Domingo Zapata. The collection will be available for purchase at the end of April at all alice + olivia stores and other retail partners.

Each year, alice + olivia will work with a new artist to create a one-of-a-kind piece to be auctioned off with 100% of proceeds going to the CFDA. Versions of this item will then be featured in a capsule collection available at all alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet stores and other retail partners with 50% of the proceeds donated to the CFDA.

Stacey Bendet, CEO and Creative Director of alice + olivia, says,“This partnership is exciting for me as it is very reflective of my brand and our continued collaboration with artists. It is also wonderful to be able to raise funds for the CFDA, in their ongoing support of our industry and its new talent.”

Steven Kolb, CEO of the CFDA says, “Stacey Bendet has been a valued member of the CFDA for a long time and we could not be more appreciative for her work to help us in our cause to advance up-and-coming fashion designers. The extraordinary support we will be receiving from the brand thanks to this initiative is invaluable to our organization.”

The alice + olivia x Domingo Zapata capsule collection consists of three pieces:

  • a gown $898,
  • floor-length skirt $598 and
  • a mini dress $298,

Each in a beautiful print rendered from a mural painted by Domingo Zapata.

“As an artist, my purpose is to share with the world those things that speak to my heart”, says Domingo Zapata. A few hundred pieces of each style will be produced and sold at all freestanding alice + olivia stores nationwide. The pieces will be available for presale Wednesday April 29th onwww.aliceandolivia.com/CFDA.

The collaboration with the CFDA got launched on Tuesday, April 28th at a dinner hosted by Stacey Bendet and Domingo Zapata. Additionally, Paddle8 will be auctioning off one of a kind pieces including a gown and floor-length skirt, both hand painted and signed by Zapata. An alice + olivia custom two-piece skirt and leather bustier with piping in print painted by Zapata will be up for auction as well. All proceeds will go to the CFDA. 

 Additionally, Paddle8 will be auctioning off one of a kind pieces including a gown and floor-length skirt, both hand painted and signed by Zapata. An alice + olivia custom two-piece skirt and leather bustier with piping in print painted by Zapata will be up for auction as well. All proceeds will go to the CFDA.

For more details on auction, visit: www.paddle8.com/auctions/aliceandolivia 

Special thanks to: BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® and BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® East Gin, MARTINI® Prosecco, GREY GOOSE® Vodka, Robert Mondavi Private Selection and Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

Nail Art: New Trends to Follow

In the past few years nail art has become a mandatory fashion whim, that can very elegantly substitute jewellery. When shaking hands, when waving adieu, ladies’ ten fingers are always at the forefront of interaction with others, and their decorations somehow point out the personality of the girl wearing the nail art.

This spring dictates three musts in the use of Vernis à Onglese: simplicity, lightness and refinement. Patterns and colors are accepted, although black and white are the hippest shades. Natural colors, like old-rose, beige or pastel tints are highly recommendable. Even more so, the nude effect. For the summertime ladies can run wild adopting some gold and silver, as long as the length of the nail is moderate with a rounded shape. Stilettos are out!

New York’s latest Fashion Week had proclaimed gangsta nail art - with dazzling gems or delicate pearl - as the new mania for the hot season. The over-the-top-graffiti-inspired nail decorations however seem to clash with a more recent fashion debate, where the Big Apple and the City of Angels collide on what nail art to adopt. New Yorkers prefer solid colors, whereas Californians enjoy all kinds of creative patterns, especially those inspired by nature, evoking flowers or fruits. A trait to which both coasts seem to comply to, is the Reverse French Manicure, where a contrasting color to the main varnish is placed on the bezel near zone cuticle rather than on the tip of the nail. 

Los Angeles is more celebrity driven as opposed to the fashion driven New York, nevertheless this new nail art trend has been flaunted at red carpets in both cities. The Half-Moon Manicure seems to please all, for the edgy elegant way it uses the negative space, creating an orderly extravagant chic look.

Street Fashion comes from flea markets

Are you addicted to the vintage look? I am! If you are too I’ll take you on a journey through the hippest flea markets in New York, to grasp that alluring shabby chic street fashion look.

When you mention flea markets some people, obscured by prejudice, might twitch their noses. But bare in mind that besides helping the environment through sustainable fashion you are also digging for pieces that belong to a historical tradition of tailoring, that gave major focus to the choice of materials and manufacturing, before Made in China took over.

Uptown girls won’t miss a hike through GreenFlea, located at Columbus Avenue between West 76th 77th Streets, which flaunts a history of more than quarter of a century and is the darling market of the nerdiest vintage freaks. 

Hell’s Kitchen is the place to get hell of a street fashion look! Just walk around West 39th Street between 9th & 10th Avenues and you will find a triad of markets, where you can get all your mid-century modern items.

If you leave Manhattan, the Brooklyn Borough can be full of surprises. One Hanson Place gathers hundreds of vendors every weekend selling antique, vintage clothing, arts and crafts by local designers. On 70 Seventh Street you can roam about  during the weekend at Artists & Fleas, co-founded by Amy Abrams and Ronen Glimer, which can be found not only in Williamsburg but also in Chelsea. Here you’ll find anything, from accessories to eccentric home decor.

Staying in the Chelsea neighborhood I must mention by beloved Garage Market which unfortunately has closed and succumbed to New York real estate, since the building that hosted the indoor parking garage is to be torn down for new constructions. But just a few blocks away from 12 West 25th Street, the outdoor market will take over, just remember you have to pay 1$ for entrance.

The list can go on, but if you get these covered you are on the right track to being one of those City bargain hunters, who knows how to find the best deals for cool street fashion.

FTL Moda brings disabled models on the catwalk

FTL Moda, headed by Antonio Urzí, made history when it participated for the first time to the New York Fashion Week, featuring the first ever male amputee – Jack Eyers, a British personal trainer – to catwalk for the runway.

Antonio Urzí, who worked for Armani, Versace and has designed costumes for Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Rihanna and Britney Spears gathers differently abled models from all over the world to represent the new collections of topnotch fashion designers.

Models in wheelchairs and crutches truly revolutionize the fashion world which has inflicted on all of us unattainable beauty references, that even conventional abled people have difficulty attaining. The Italian expression “The world is beautiful because it is diversified” seems to be the essence of FTL Moda, who brings on the catwalk a variety of human beings, each one equipped with a unique beauty. 

The show that was presented in the Big Apple was in collaboration with Fondazione Verticalan Italian foundation, that supports research to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. The collection, titled “FTL Moda Loving You” featured leather and metal materials with a heavy use of gold and silver body paint.

The Italian show producer Ilaria Niccolini explains how it has been fulfilling for her , both professionally and on a human level, to completely embrace diversity: “It is a very significant moment in my fashion career. This opportunity finally opens the most recognized runways in the world to these beautiful talents, ready to show that disability is very often just a mental state by performing on the runway next  to some of the best models on the scene.”

This epitomizes how beauty is all about feeling comfortable within our bodies. It’s a mental state we project on others. If we feel gorgeous, those surrounding us will perceive us as such, despite our limbs and shapes may be different from the ones of the masses.