FTL Moda brings disabled models on the catwalk

FTL Moda, headed by Antonio Urzí, made history when it participated for the first time to the New York Fashion Week, featuring the first ever male amputee – Jack Eyers, a British personal trainer – to catwalk for the runway.

Antonio Urzí, who worked for Armani, Versace and has designed costumes for Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Rihanna and Britney Spears gathers differently abled models from all over the world to represent the new collections of topnotch fashion designers.

Models in wheelchairs and crutches truly revolutionize the fashion world which has inflicted on all of us unattainable beauty references, that even conventional abled people have difficulty attaining. The Italian expression “The world is beautiful because it is diversified” seems to be the essence of FTL Moda, who brings on the catwalk a variety of human beings, each one equipped with a unique beauty. 

The show that was presented in the Big Apple was in collaboration with Fondazione Verticalan Italian foundation, that supports research to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. The collection, titled “FTL Moda Loving You” featured leather and metal materials with a heavy use of gold and silver body paint.

The Italian show producer Ilaria Niccolini explains how it has been fulfilling for her , both professionally and on a human level, to completely embrace diversity: “It is a very significant moment in my fashion career. This opportunity finally opens the most recognized runways in the world to these beautiful talents, ready to show that disability is very often just a mental state by performing on the runway next  to some of the best models on the scene.”

This epitomizes how beauty is all about feeling comfortable within our bodies. It’s a mental state we project on others. If we feel gorgeous, those surrounding us will perceive us as such, despite our limbs and shapes may be different from the ones of the masses.