Nail Art: New Trends to Follow

In the past few years nail art has become a mandatory fashion whim, that can very elegantly substitute jewellery. When shaking hands, when waving adieu, ladies’ ten fingers are always at the forefront of interaction with others, and their decorations somehow point out the personality of the girl wearing the nail art.

This spring dictates three musts in the use of Vernis à Onglese: simplicity, lightness and refinement. Patterns and colors are accepted, although black and white are the hippest shades. Natural colors, like old-rose, beige or pastel tints are highly recommendable. Even more so, the nude effect. For the summertime ladies can run wild adopting some gold and silver, as long as the length of the nail is moderate with a rounded shape. Stilettos are out!

New York’s latest Fashion Week had proclaimed gangsta nail art - with dazzling gems or delicate pearl - as the new mania for the hot season. The over-the-top-graffiti-inspired nail decorations however seem to clash with a more recent fashion debate, where the Big Apple and the City of Angels collide on what nail art to adopt. New Yorkers prefer solid colors, whereas Californians enjoy all kinds of creative patterns, especially those inspired by nature, evoking flowers or fruits. A trait to which both coasts seem to comply to, is the Reverse French Manicure, where a contrasting color to the main varnish is placed on the bezel near zone cuticle rather than on the tip of the nail. 

Los Angeles is more celebrity driven as opposed to the fashion driven New York, nevertheless this new nail art trend has been flaunted at red carpets in both cities. The Half-Moon Manicure seems to please all, for the edgy elegant way it uses the negative space, creating an orderly extravagant chic look.