Terminator Genisys (3/4)

I'll be honest, I have been a fan of the terminator franchise. I didn't even mind the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Or T3, for that matter. So how could I hate this one? My honest rating would be 2/4, but my personal bias towards the franchise, makes it 3/4.

So, this is not a bad movie. It's well casted, well acted, well made with some interesting plot lines and great visuals. But it's not T1 or T2. The story doesn't tie, as well as you would like. Filled with usual cliches, and reminders of those 2 movies (even they ignored T3 & T4). But it's entertaining and fun! 


Kyle Reese (Jay Courtney) is fighting te machines, for the resistance, lead by legendary John Connor (Jason Clarke). Both fit their roles, although there's lot more than usual, at least for Kyle. He's not just they'll image savior and hero, he's the ultimate destroyer and the villain. Sent to past in 2017 (future from 1984), to protect skynet. Whereas Kyle goes to 2017, from 1984, with young Sarah Conner (Emilia Clarke) with old Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger). You do get to see him young too. The fight between old and young Terminator is cool. The dynamics of Kyle and T1, is also cool. Like a girl's father and her boyfriend. Will they be able to destroy skynet and save humanity. Well, watch the movie. But of course they will. It's a movie!

***spolier ends***

Do watch this film, if you're fan of the franchise. If not, you can give it a shot. But I suggest, go watch T1 & T2 instead.

Note: These ratings and review are personal opinion of the author.