Supergirl (3/4)

Thanks to Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, DC has a handle on how to do good TV shows. It sucks that they're not able to merge it with their movies universe, or even all other shows (it seems), but whatever. At least the TV shows are good!

The pilot episode of Supergirl was superb. Finally a show with female superhero in lead, who & which kicks ass. For an opening episode, it sets the plot pretty quick, defines the allies and enemies, preps our superhero quite fast, and gives some interesting action too. The casting and performances are superb. 

  • Melissa Benoist as brilliant both as Kara and Supergirl. She's naive, cute, dorky, nerdy etc etc as Kara, and a kickass superhero as Supergirl. Calista Flockhart is another gem, as Kara's boss Cat. And it was cool to see Dean and Helen as Kara's foster parents (the Superman & Supergirl form past).

The writing is quite good, with a good mix of humor and drama. The special effects are good for a TV show, although the expectation these days can be higher. Specially the action sequences can be better. The villains don't seem too bad yet, but let's see what more is in store.


Kara-Zor-El is sent form Krypton to earth, to protect Kal-El (the Superman). But she gets stuck in time warp and lands on earth years after Superman is already established as a superhero. Considering her mission to protect Kal-El is not needed nay more, she joins the family of Danvers and starts leading a "normal" life as an assistant to successful but snobby Cat Grant. She wants to be more, she wants to be a hero, but seems she's needed. Until there's a plane crash, with her adopted sister in that plane. This gives her chance to be the superhero, exactly superman style, and save the plane. With this, the city and the world gets a new superhero, Supergirl!

Why Supergirl and not Superwoman? No need to ask Otto Binder and Al Pastino (creators of Supergirl comic character), the show explains that through Cat. There's also Jimmy Olson, sent by Superman to help Supergirl, be the hero she deserves to be. She also has help from Winn, her co-worker and friend who becomes her associate, helping her with her costume and find crimes to fight. And her adopted sister Alex works with DEO (Alien fighting agency), and the boss of DEO doesn't like Super-people. But they join hands together to defeat first of the many kryptonian super villains, who got released from kryptonian jail. And all of them were jailed by Kara's mom Alura-Zor-El. Also, there's evil twins sister of of Alura, Astra, who wants to rule earth.

***spoiler ends***

So, it was a good start to a possibly good show. As the show says itself during a scene, someone for young girls to look up to. But if it goes in right direction, this show may have some young & old, girls & boys and all kind of other fans too. Let's see where is Supergirl looking to fly next!

Hannibal: Digestivo & The Red Dragon (4/4)

I may be late on the Hannibal bandwagon. Even though I have appreciated the movies (Sir Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter), I have never been a big fan. So I wasn't sure if I should care about the show. On top of that, the show go recently cancelled by NBC. But instead of deterring me, somehow that became a motivator to give show a chance. Thanks to internet and online viewing, I binge watched the 2.5 seasons in a month (which is probably considered slow for binge watchers). 

What can I say, I just loved the show. It's more than brilliant. The visuals, the sets, the casting, the performances, the writing, the story, everything is beyond wonderful. Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen & Luurence Fishburne are so brilliant that it seems like they were born to play these roles. From the pilot episode to the sub-finale 'Digestivo', it's been an amazing ride. From Will's empathy disorder and ability to reconstruct crime ("it's my design"), to Hannibal's well orchestrated plans & moves ("Hannibal's always in control"), to Jack Crawford's unintentional takes & mistakes; it's just an amazing journey through murders, tortures, cannibalism, crime, drama, suspense, horror and so much more. 


Honestly, the Season 3 episodes so far were not so bright & sharp until Digestivo. This particular episode was a very impressive end to the main story arch with Hannibal Lecter not only saving the day (saving Will Graham and ending Mason Verger, who was a damn good villain to Hannibal) but finally surrendering. A lot happens, from Hannibal & Will getting tortured and almost killed, to Mason Verger's murder by the hands of Margo & Alana. Let's not forget the episode starts with Jack Crawford almost getting killed but saved by Chiyoh. Each and every scene is just intense and sharp. It's different from the first 2 seasons which were slower and big on visuals and imagery. But to put this much story in one episode, it had to be fast. And this was fast but very good.

The mid-season sub-premier of the new storyline in Hannibal saga is with the episode of The Red Dragon. This episode goes back to the roots, like the initial season, in terms of styling and storytelling. A new character and a new villain, a Francis Dolarhyde has emerged who wants to turn in to the Red Dragon. And he's on his killing spree which no one is able to stop or solve. This forces Jack  to reach out to now retired Will, to help in solving this mystery. And that forces Will to resort to his friend, foe and nemesis Hannibal Lecter.

***spoiler ends***

Where the story will go from here would be interesting to watch. Richard Armitage gives a very good start to the Tooth Fairy aka Francis aka Red Dragon. Dr Frederick and Alana Bloom are still cooking and keeping their parts interesting. It's weird to see Hannibal in Jail, but his mind can take him anywhere. He's still cooking, albeit without his favorite kinda meat. And Will is there to see him again. Let's see what happens next...

P.S. Like many others, I'm also upset that this show has been cancelled. And so far no one has shown interest in picking it even online. Hopefully someone comes to their sense and let these wonderful show continue.

Note: These ratings and review are personal opinion of the author.

@CW_TheFlash: Fast Enough (4/4)

The season finale of The Flash was really "Fast Enough". It also was awesome enough and cool enough. It was more than enough. It was great! 


There were some interesting unexpected turns. Although Barry not changing the past, not so much. That was expected. And it would have been too complicated to define the timeline if Barry changed the past. Is that why future Flash told him not to change the past? This is definitely easier too. But Eddie killing himself to save the day, that was the BIG unexpected but pretty cool. And that too after Eddie gets his self confidence back and happily gets back with Iris (and I felt good about it this time, Barry is too much of cry baby sometimes and Eddie's been cool). So is Reverse Flash really dead? Or Eddie Thawne will become the Reverse Flash as he goes into the wormhole? The open and unresolved wormhole at the end is quite a cliffhanger too. Although most certainly Barry will win. Let's see what else interesting angles they add to it. The interaction between Dr Wells and Cisco was again fun, and now we know (more & better) that he'll be the Vibe, thanks to Wells. Interestingly enough Ronnie got married to Caitlin and is going to stay. So what happens to Firestorm? And when does Caitlin becomes Killer Frost?

***spoilers end***

The performances were quite good too. Grant Gustin adds a lot of humanity to the character (although quite a cry baby) and does justice to both Barry and Flash. This episode was another landmark for him. His dilemma was quite well played, although kinda stretched. Tom Cavanagh always brings lot of interesting shades to the Reverse Flash and Dr Wells, if he's really gone, he'll be truly missed. Rick Cosnett had a good episode as Eddie Thawne, finally became truly lovable (at least for me). And it's a joy to see Victor Garber as Martin Stein. I hear we'll see him as regular in 'Legends of Tomorrow', which I can't wait for.

So all in all, it was a great ending to first season of a wonderful show. Can't wait for Season 2 already and see what more is cooking!

P.S. DC is doing great with there TV shows, no wonder it's expanding all over the place, But I don't get why they want to keep movie universe separate from TV universe. And also recast all these wonderful actors for movies. Why?!?!

Note: These ratings and review are personal opinion of the author.