@CW_TheFlash: Fast Enough (4/4)

The season finale of The Flash was really "Fast Enough". It also was awesome enough and cool enough. It was more than enough. It was great! 


There were some interesting unexpected turns. Although Barry not changing the past, not so much. That was expected. And it would have been too complicated to define the timeline if Barry changed the past. Is that why future Flash told him not to change the past? This is definitely easier too. But Eddie killing himself to save the day, that was the BIG unexpected but pretty cool. And that too after Eddie gets his self confidence back and happily gets back with Iris (and I felt good about it this time, Barry is too much of cry baby sometimes and Eddie's been cool). So is Reverse Flash really dead? Or Eddie Thawne will become the Reverse Flash as he goes into the wormhole? The open and unresolved wormhole at the end is quite a cliffhanger too. Although most certainly Barry will win. Let's see what else interesting angles they add to it. The interaction between Dr Wells and Cisco was again fun, and now we know (more & better) that he'll be the Vibe, thanks to Wells. Interestingly enough Ronnie got married to Caitlin and is going to stay. So what happens to Firestorm? And when does Caitlin becomes Killer Frost?

***spoilers end***

The performances were quite good too. Grant Gustin adds a lot of humanity to the character (although quite a cry baby) and does justice to both Barry and Flash. This episode was another landmark for him. His dilemma was quite well played, although kinda stretched. Tom Cavanagh always brings lot of interesting shades to the Reverse Flash and Dr Wells, if he's really gone, he'll be truly missed. Rick Cosnett had a good episode as Eddie Thawne, finally became truly lovable (at least for me). And it's a joy to see Victor Garber as Martin Stein. I hear we'll see him as regular in 'Legends of Tomorrow', which I can't wait for.

So all in all, it was a great ending to first season of a wonderful show. Can't wait for Season 2 already and see what more is cooking!

P.S. DC is doing great with there TV shows, no wonder it's expanding all over the place, But I don't get why they want to keep movie universe separate from TV universe. And also recast all these wonderful actors for movies. Why?!?!

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