Hannibal: Digestivo & The Red Dragon (4/4)

I may be late on the Hannibal bandwagon. Even though I have appreciated the movies (Sir Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter), I have never been a big fan. So I wasn't sure if I should care about the show. On top of that, the show go recently cancelled by NBC. But instead of deterring me, somehow that became a motivator to give show a chance. Thanks to internet and online viewing, I binge watched the 2.5 seasons in a month (which is probably considered slow for binge watchers). 

What can I say, I just loved the show. It's more than brilliant. The visuals, the sets, the casting, the performances, the writing, the story, everything is beyond wonderful. Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen & Luurence Fishburne are so brilliant that it seems like they were born to play these roles. From the pilot episode to the sub-finale 'Digestivo', it's been an amazing ride. From Will's empathy disorder and ability to reconstruct crime ("it's my design"), to Hannibal's well orchestrated plans & moves ("Hannibal's always in control"), to Jack Crawford's unintentional takes & mistakes; it's just an amazing journey through murders, tortures, cannibalism, crime, drama, suspense, horror and so much more. 


Honestly, the Season 3 episodes so far were not so bright & sharp until Digestivo. This particular episode was a very impressive end to the main story arch with Hannibal Lecter not only saving the day (saving Will Graham and ending Mason Verger, who was a damn good villain to Hannibal) but finally surrendering. A lot happens, from Hannibal & Will getting tortured and almost killed, to Mason Verger's murder by the hands of Margo & Alana. Let's not forget the episode starts with Jack Crawford almost getting killed but saved by Chiyoh. Each and every scene is just intense and sharp. It's different from the first 2 seasons which were slower and big on visuals and imagery. But to put this much story in one episode, it had to be fast. And this was fast but very good.

The mid-season sub-premier of the new storyline in Hannibal saga is with the episode of The Red Dragon. This episode goes back to the roots, like the initial season, in terms of styling and storytelling. A new character and a new villain, a Francis Dolarhyde has emerged who wants to turn in to the Red Dragon. And he's on his killing spree which no one is able to stop or solve. This forces Jack  to reach out to now retired Will, to help in solving this mystery. And that forces Will to resort to his friend, foe and nemesis Hannibal Lecter.

***spoiler ends***

Where the story will go from here would be interesting to watch. Richard Armitage gives a very good start to the Tooth Fairy aka Francis aka Red Dragon. Dr Frederick and Alana Bloom are still cooking and keeping their parts interesting. It's weird to see Hannibal in Jail, but his mind can take him anywhere. He's still cooking, albeit without his favorite kinda meat. And Will is there to see him again. Let's see what happens next...

P.S. Like many others, I'm also upset that this show has been cancelled. And so far no one has shown interest in picking it even online. Hopefully someone comes to their sense and let these wonderful show continue.

Note: These ratings and review are personal opinion of the author.