Apple gets new stuff for New Yorkers to play with!

The legendary secrecy around all things Apple is, in itself, part of our cultural Zeitgeist.

As a cynical citizen of New York, I tend to "believe it, when I see it."

So, imagine my amusement when I walked—nay, ran into more like—into a training session.

"Oh my, are you just learning about this?" I questioned, as I inserted myself inside the colorful group.

"It's Apple.  We wait too." I waited and at the end of the presentation, the young sales team actually cheered!  Perhaps their gleeful excitement was motivated by the coming holiday season.

As I turned to leave my "myNewYorkeye" curiosity got the best if me and I asked: "what's this new watch selling for?" 

In unison, three smiling Apple staff members smiled and said: "They haven't told us yet which usually means it's very expensive."

It's a myNewYorkeye—what's in it for you, moment.

September 9, 2014. 72nd street. 2:24 pm.