@TRIBECAFILMFEST |"#TFF Shorts: Jane Baker, from The Parker Tribe" #TFF #TFF2015

L. Jane Baker    R. Cassandra Beske-Dunn

photo Sharon Gentry 

Name : Jane Baker

Title of film : The Parker Tribe 

myNewYorkeye: What do you love about being a storyteller?

Jane Baker: In memoir based stories that I tell, they involve people who are not around any more and I miss them and in re-examining my memories I realize how much of who I am is in direct relation to who they were and the relationships we had. In fictional stories I love creating humor, fun and moments for audiences to get away from the daily worries of life.

myNewYorkeye: What does it mean, to have your film as part of this festival?

Jane Baker: One hopes to get their film into festivals but one only dreams of getting their film into Tribeca. I can not thank Sharon Badal enough for seeing something in my film worthy of screening here. Beside being an incredible honor and therefore meaning I am honored, it also means that many more people will see this film and I hope be touched by it and the story that it tells.

myNewYorkeye: What is the central Message of your film?

Jane Baker: To me, the story is about family and as diverse as the members of that family are that they all have a mission and they are integral to the functioning of the family. Ultimately I wanted to show the disabled children and the gay child within the context of the family and as full members of that family, not as they gay kid, or the kids in the wheelchairs. They were all much more than that.

The other clear through line is that humor is sometimes the way love gets translated if tears are too close to the surface. 

myNewYorkeye: What's Your Fav thing about this city?

Jane Baker: Hot dogs on every corner. Celebrities everywhere. Sometimes celebrities selling hot dogs.Theater everywhere. Improv Improv Improv.1

myNewYorkeye: How do you re-charge your creative battery in NYC?

Jane Baker: I go to the gym and watch attractive people work out.

myNewYorkeye: What's next for you?

Jane Baker: A TV Series that picks up where this film leaves off. Call me.

Jane Baker Writer/Director,

THE PARKER TRIBE - World Premiere Tribeca 2015