@TribecaFilmFest | Last night at #TFF #TFF2015

NYC is rocking with storytellers at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. New digs housing innovative ideas keep the balls rolling!

The opening night gala still has people buzzing, and not because of the flowing Moet. The 3rd annual “For the Love of Cinema” at Spring Studios was hosted by IWC Schaffhausen and the entertainment,  for the evening, was led by funny man, comedian Joel McHale, known for his hit show Community.

IWC CEO Georges Kern co-hosted the evening with Tribeca Film Festival® founders Jane Rosenthal, Robert De Niro, and Craig Hatkoff. Additional influential attendees included Dakota Fanning, guest of honor Christoph Waltz, Michael Cera, Alison Brie, Jennifer Morrison, director Paul Haggis, Diego Klatenhoff, Michael Rapaport, Rachel Harris and Princess Eugenie, professional soccer player Raul Gonzalez Blanco and models Aymeline Valade, Alexandra Agoston, Elyse Taylor.

It’s almost impossible to hear much in a room that was buzzing with such high energy but since these happy film-makers were there to “work it” a few gems did drop into audible range.

To wit, Joel McHale dared to poke fun at his old friend Robert De Niro, “Wow. I can’t believe it. Once again I’m in a room with Mr. Robert De Niro.  It’s ok- he told me I can call him “Mr. Robert De Niro.” It’s an honor that he bestows upon only his closest friends, and most cherished clip show hosts.”

The funny thing about the joke is that’s it half true. The Mr. Robert De Niro that I familiar with makes time to answer questions poised by developing talent. The Mr. Robert De Niro that I am familiar with enjoys young talent and makes effort to help them maneuver thorough the murky and dark waters of the industry. That’s one reason that he started this terrific festival, he’s a man of action not hallow words.

In the room, actress Dakota Fanning was overheard discussing her role in “Franny," which premieres at Tribeca Film Festival. In the film, Dakota wears an “uncomfortable” prosthetic bump, something she’s “never experienced real or fake.”

The very talented actor Christoph Waltz and Robert De Niro discussed possible upcoming projects saying, “It’s time we get something in the books!” and work together. I wonder if Quentin Tarantino felt a vibration from afar?

Finally songstress Sarah McLachlan received a standing ovation after belting out her most notable song, “I will remember you.” Many people know the touching ballad very well, since it’s used to underscore a commercial for animal abuse— yes, that one!

Moet was flowing and DJ Mick had the after-party letting loose, which is always bonus entertainment, watching the “suits” from Hollywood and Wall Street mingle with fluid artists. Only in New York Kids, only in New York.