myNewYorkeye - A sneak peak at the Oscars!

The Academy is always full of fun surprises and now, new media surprise as they unveil “OSCARS® CREATORS” which is a collection of seven of the world’s most talented social media artists invited to creatively explore Oscar® Week as part of the “Imagine What’s Possible” campaign.

These seven artists, using multiple platforms including Instagram, Tumblr and Vine will cover the excitement of Oscar Week events through their own creative perspective with the big finish on Sunday, February 22 with host Neil Patrick Harris (live on ABC).

Throughout Oscar Week and on Oscar Sunday, the artists will create and share their work with fans through their personal social media accounts. The Academy will share each individual piece through its social channels as well.

"There are amazing artists working on social media platforms and we're creating an opportunity for them to experience the Oscars and share their perspective on this incredible event with the world," said Josh Spector, the Academy's Managing Director of Digital Media & Marketing. "Instagram, Tumblr and Vine are home to so much creative talent and they were the perfect partners to help bring this to life."

The Oscars Creators include:

  • Kyle Huber – An Instagram graphic designer and photographer who explores beautiful landscapes and remarkable exteriors.
  • Zach King – A Vine film-maker known for his “magic Vines” and digital sleight of hand.
  • Paul Octavious – An Instagram photographer, artist and dynamic visual storyteller.
  • Sarah Palmer – A one-of-a-kind Instagram photographer who composes her own unique world.
  • Lauren Randolph – A portrait photographer from Tumblr with an eye for capturing the human spirit.
  • Anthony Samaniego – A photographer and GIF artist from Tumblr known for his dazzling cityscapes and other unique perspectives.
  • Blake Wilson – A Vine film-maker better known as “BatDad,” who captures his superhero moments with his suburban family.