Me and HATTIE McDaniel

In 1940, at the Oscar award ceremony, they placed nominee Hattie McDaniel in the back of the auditorium—way, way, way in the back and then she won that Oscar— for her supporting role as Mammy in "Gone with the Wind” it was a long and historic walk to the podium.  That win made her the first African American to win an Oscar and in her acceptance speech she expressed her desire to be a “credit to her race.”

When I walked into the Governors Ball Pre-view event (which is the official post-Oscar® celebration which will immediately follow the 87th Oscars® ceremony on Sunday, February 22) I was floored when I looked up and saw the massive image of Hattie McDaniel anchoring the back wall.

It took buckets of strength to stop my tears because the more things change the more things change back, if we are not careful and mindful. As storytellers we must all dig our heels into the sand and make diversity a platform for the sake of diversity. It’s not a black and white thing. It’s not a “me” vs "them” thing. It’s a human thing, dear family, and I want to hear your stories and I hope (sincerely and earnestly hope) that you want to her mine and others.

So — I’m gearing up for the second part of ROAD TRIP To Hollywood

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Thanks’ storytellers. See ya’ on the red carpet.