Photo by Ron Glow -TICKETS ON SALE

Photo by Ron Glow -TICKETS ON SALE

Creator Will Nolan and producer Wayward Creatives have announced that Leola’s Lady Land! returns to The Green Room 42 (570 Tenth Ave, 4th Floor inside YOTEL) on Thursday, April 11 at 7.00pm for the next show in her 2019 residency at the venue. 

Written and performed by Nolan, each edition of Lady Land! is a healing sermon from Leola, your favorite Kelly Clarkson-worshipping, senior citizen, redneck lesbian who is on a mission to serve up some much-needed national group therapy, one audience at a time.  On April 11, Leola goes Deeper Into Lady Land! to explore the Gospel according to Kelly Clarkson. This edition of the show is a celebration of the second coming – Ms. Clarkson’s birth – from the perspective of a simple gal of 72 who began to discover her sexuality when she tumbled out of the closet and into the arms of Jesus’s little sister, Kelly.

Winner of the Long Island City Flying Solo Festival two years in a row, Leola has appeared across the country in a variety of fringe festivals, regional theaters, and middle-aged birthday parties doing her best to bring you Dame Edna’s hillbilly cousin giving a TED Talk.  The 2018 Atlanta Fringe Festival called Leola a “...touching performance,” and [a] “fantastic character with a great connection to the audience,” as well as “wildly hilarious, deeply intellectual and poignant.”

“Some people are called to slice meat at the Piggly Wiggly deli counter, some people are called to preach the good word of Kelly Clarkson – I’m that rare breed of senior citizen, redneck lesbian who’s called to do both,” said Leola. “Mama Earth and all her babies desperately need some healin’ during these messy times we are livin’ through. And no place is messier than New York City. On April 11, we are going to reconnect with ourselves, reconnect with each other, and find our inner American Idol. Because in the words of Kelly Clarkson, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Except for gators. Gators will kill you.

Tickets are $15-40 and available by visiting bit.ly/LADYLAND.  Leola’s residency continues throughout 2019 on June 13th, September 12th, October 24th and December 5 that 7.00pm. 


WILL NOLAN (Creator)hails from Atlanta, but has been in the New York City area since 1994. A performer, writer and director, Will spent several years as the male half of the sketch comedy duo Naked Dog Walking, giving birth to Leola. Will continues to perform as part of the highly successful Mortified series in New York. He’s had pieces published and animated for Mortified, and filmed a pilot for Comedy Central.  Check out his animated monologue on YouTube. Besides writing for Naked Dog Walking and Mortified, Will has written numerous plays, including When the Mayonnaise Goes Bad with Stephen Kaplan. His plays have been produced throughout New York City. He is a husband and father living in Northern New Jersey, and is a proud member of the Dramatist Guild of America.

WAYWARD CREATIVES (Producer) is a producer and incubator of emerging creatives in live performance and film.  Visit WaywardCreatives.com for more information.