Indikitch is a COOL & FUN Indian fast food Kitchen in midtown NYC (3/4)

indikitch is cool, it really is. It's Indian Chipotle, but much better, provided you like Indian food. Or at least try it and see if you like it... Why is it better? First, because it's fun Indian food, which I like. And second - it has more options! I'm not going to explain the whole menu. But to give an idea:

The menu offers you 4 picks - Feast (rice/bread and full meal kinda setup), Biryani (Indian saffron rice dish), Dosa (south India crepe, served taco style!) and Salad. You have 6 options of meat/veggies - chicken, pork, fish, paneer (cottage cheese) tikka, saag (spinach) paneer and mushroom. I mean, you're COVERED! And you get to pick your level of spicy from 3 options. if you're a fan of spicy food go for top spicy (which is not going to kill you at all, you'll just enjoy!), else go with mild or medium only. And boot loads of extras & appetizers, from samosa (Indian triangular fried spicy pastries), bajji pakoras (fried dough, like onion rings), , chaat (just spicy awesomeness), lentil soup etc. You also have delicious drinks from 3 kinda lassis (yogurt drinks, again awesome!) and street chai garam (hot tea lattte).

I have tried the feast with chicken which was actually yummy. And also the dosa with paneer & pork vindaloo both. usually the dosas with meat can be huge disappointment. But here, the taco style dosa is actually great. The portions are large enough to curb your hunger and delicious to curb your appetite. The place can be quite busy during lunch time and you should expect 15-30 mins wait in such hours. The staff is cool, as cool as a fast food kinda place can be. the seating downstairs is limited but there's some more seating upstairs also. Prices are quite reasonable as well. 

So next time you're in or around 23rd and 5th or 6th Av, give it place a shot. Checkout their site for more details.