A comedian and a political strategist are on a mission to help us figure out what the FDR is going on in politics.

Let’s Get Civical is a new podcast on the More Banana Network made up of equal parts civics class and comedy show. Join hosts Lizzie Stewart (a comedian) and Arden Walentowski (a campaign staffer and political strategist) as they unpack and repack political and government structures that led us to the cry for help that is our current political landscape. Lizzie and Arden have made it their mission to break it all down and help us understand what the FDR is going on, joined by special guests like Ophira Eisenberg, Mara Wilson, Mike Houston, and Jolenta Greenberg. It’s like being in American Government class with your BFFs! But no exams. They promise!

Episode 1: "The First Amendment - As Long As It's Not Polygamy" with Mara Wilson

Lizzie and Arden talk about the First Amendment of the Constitution with their guest, actor, writer, and voice over artist, Mara Wilson. Join them as they deep dive into: freedom of the press, speech, religion and assembly; how Woodrow Wilson really sucks; and the Supreme Court cases that defined it all!

Episode 2: "Impeachment - It's Not Personal, It's Politics" with Ophira Eisenberg

Lizzie and Arden talk about the impeachment process with their guest and host of NPR’s Ask Me Another, Ophira Eisenberg. Join them as they detail the political process of impeachment, talk about who can and cannot be impeached, and why it’s never really happened at the Presidential level…yet.

Episode 3: "Voter Turnout - There’s an Equation for That" with Mike Houston

In this episode of Let's Get Civical, Lizzie and Arden welcome guest Mike Houston, best known for his role as Lee Dixon in Orange is the New Black. Join them as they talk about the different ways to define voter turnout, what determines if people come out and vote, and what we can do to make voting a regular part of life in America. 

Episode 4: "The History of America’s Political Parties - And What the Illuminati Gave Us" with Jolenta Greenberg

In this episode of Let's Get Civical, Lizzie and Arden talk about the history of political parties with their guest and co-host of By the Book Podcast, Jolenta Greenberg. Join them as them deep dive into the parties of the founding fathers, talk about the short-lived Bull Moose Party, and dissect how we've arrived at the Republican and Democratic Parties that we have today. 

L: Arden Walentowski R: Lizzie Stewart  (c) Tyler Easter

L: Arden Walentowski R: Lizzie Stewart

(c) Tyler Easter

Arden Walentowski is a campaign staffer, political strategist, and blogger. Primarily based in NYC, she has spent time in the Office of U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, was Chief of Staff for the Jonathan Lewis Campaign for Congress and has worked on numerous other city and state races. She is also the co-founder of Three Oracles, a blog about the state of American democracy, which features an all-female writing team. For insights and jaded political commentary, check her out at: Twitter @ArdenJulianna / IG @ArdenJulianna

Lizzie Stewart is an NYC based stand-up comedian. Career highlights include having to follow Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Gaffigan, and George Wallace without having a total meltdown. In 2018, she produced and hosted the benefit comedy show Y'ALL READY (with Aparna Nancherla and Corinne Fisher as headliners) which raised $1,000 for the anti-sexual violence organization RAINN. Last summer, she was invited to perform in the Burbank Comedy Festival as a Producer's Pick. For more updates on where she's currently crying, you can follow her at: Twitter @lizzie_the_rock / IG: @Lizzie_the_rock_stewart

Based in Brooklyn, More Banana was founded in early 2018 as a response to a gap in the podcasting world. This gap was twofold: a noticeable lack of women working in audio and podcast production, and a need for women to not doubt their opinions, interests, and expertise, even in a media that does not highlight them as experts.  More Banana was created to close that gap and elevate the views of women; not just because it is a woman’s perspective, but because it’s a damn good perspective.