Meet all your portable charger needs with ANKER!

We are all tied to our smartphones these days for every function and facets of our life. But even the best smartphones can barely last a full day, and even less so if you are an active user. And nothing is worse than a low battery indicator while you are in middle of posting your Instagram story or an important work email or watching your favorite show.

That’s where these portable chargers and power banks come in. These portable batteries that can charge your phones are a must have for every cellphone user. But with so many brands and options available in the market, and everyone having their own different needs, it can get really hard to pick the right one.

Here are the 3 best options that can pretty much cover everyones power bank needs. ANKER is the best in portable batteries and power banks and these 3 options are definitely worth a look:

PowerCore 10000 PD: This is the classic high-capacity portable charger, now with Power Delivery for USB-C devices. Charge your mobile devices at an optimized speed via the USB-A port. Your USB-C phones, tablets, and more get a full-speed charge from the Power Delivery port at the same time.

In my tests, I found this to be the most useful charger. It’s small and compact, and can even fit in your pocket. It can easily charge most phones fully twice, which is more than what you will need. You can use the USB-C port, for fast-charging, and even use the second USB-A port for simultaneously charging 2 devices.

It charges with the USB-C part, which makes it charge pretty quick (in 3-4 hrs) if you have the USB-C Power Delivery wall-charger (does not come with one, it only comes with the cable). Even with a regular charger, it can charge overnight and be ready for your use next day.

Like all ANKER portable chargers, it comes with a handy carry case and the required USB-C cable. Would be nice if it came with the right ahrger, but you can always pick one from Amazon or other online stores.

You can checkout more details at this link and buy it from amazon here.

PowerCore 20000 PD: This is a great option if you are in need of more power than above. ANKER says, this is one of the world’s first portable chargers to support Power Delivery to charge laptops and other high-power devices. Same as above, you can charge 2 devices at the same time, using the two ports, USB-C and USB-A.

You will be able to charge most smartphones over 4-6 times, an iPad mini or small tablet twice, and can get a full charge for an iPad, MacBook Air or light laptops. It’s a great option for travel, camping, an over night trip with limited power supplies and such.

At 13 oz, it is heavier and bigger, making it harder to fit in regular pockets (a small bag will do). It does come with a carrying case like all ANKER power banks. And it also comes with a fast charger, recharging in only 4 hours, which is great. It won’t charge well with other regular charges, so make sure to use the original provided charger.

You can checkout more details at this link and buy it from amazon here.

PowerCore Fusion: Have you ever wondered that it would have been nice if you could have a portable charger that could also work as wall charger. This is the one - a charger that provides high-speed charging from the wall and on-the-go. A combination of the reliability of a wall charger and the convenience of a portable charger. It takes the best of both charging worlds to create Anker’s most versatile charger. Charge your phone and the internal battery via a wall socket. Take it on-the-go as a portable charger.

At only 5000mAh it can only charge your phone once, but that’s enough in many situations. The best benefit is it will work as a wall charger, charging up to 2 devices with its 2 fast charging USB-A ports. And when you are away from a wall charger, it will still work. Pretty cool, right?

You can checkout more details at this link and buy it from amazon here.

So here are 3 excellent choices for all your portable charger and power bank needs. With Amazon Prime Day approaching in a week, make sure to take advantage of these suggestions and buy all the wonderful products that you have been anting and needing for a while. Happy shopping, happy priming!