True Detective - Season 2 (3/4)

The first season of True detective was exemplary and extraordinary. It was mysterious, crazy, fun & entertaining. Not just the amazing performances and breathtaking visuals, but the plot and storyline was very tight, intriguing and just amazing. But this is the review for second season.

Second season was not as sharp, as brilliant or as anything. But it's still good. Fortunately enough, both the pilot and the finale were two of the best episodes. The entire season did try to maintain the similar cinematic visual styling, but did not have the mystery and aura of first season. But it was still very girthy and grounded, making it look cool. This was a star studded season with Hollywood A-listers Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrel, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, Kelly Reilly and many other big and good actors. The music was definitely a big high of this season.


The story takes place in California and follows the interweaving stories of officers from three cooperating police departments; when California Highway Patrol officer and war veteran Paul Woodrugh (Kitsch) discovers the body of corrupt city manager Ben Caspere on the side of a highway, Vinci Police Department detective Raymond "Ray" Velcoro (Farrell) and Ventura County Sheriff's Office CID Antigone "Ani" Bezzerides (McAdams) are called to assist in the following investigation. Career criminal Francis "Frank" Semyon (Vaughn) attempts to legitimize his business with his wife Jordan (Reilly) by investing in a rail project overseen by Caspere, but loses his money when Caspere is killed, prompting him to start his own investigation.

And amongst many up & downs, the story finally ends with all the male characters dying, in very well crafter death scenes. But still, they all die. The season ends in kind of downer note, with the "bad guys" winning. At least sorta!

***spolier ends***

Regardless, this is a good show and another little feather in HBO's cap. If you like good detective, suspense, thriller, dramas, you should watch it. If you saw the season 1 and expecting something better, or as good, you may skip it. And if you haven't seen season 1, go see it now!!

Note: These ratings and review are personal opinion of the author.