Exploring the Minds Behind “Mirror Heart” (2/4)

An open and curious mind is what one needs to watch this thought-provoking short film. “Mirror Heart” sends you on a tail spin of wonder, as they amazingly pack a childhood of experiences into a 6 minute time frame. Only until you reach the end do you really realize the power of the story. A family, a band of brothers, secluded from the outside world, only to have each other and their imaginations to entertain them.

Words are at a minimum in this production, as we are taken into their deepest fantasies, meeting symbolic characters that feed into their inspirations. The production is filmed on one set, where each unusual character meets the young man in the short film. Lifeless is how he appears, as he is being antagonized by what appear to be greatly emphasized versions of his own thoughts.

Being home-schooled, only to be let out of the house at pronounced times, and only being able to count on each other as friends, “Mirror Heart” is one that tugs on the hearts of us all. The Angulo brothers, subjects of the documentary “The Wolfpack”, take you into a twisted reality that many of us couldn't imagine in our wildest thoughts.

Note: These ratings and review are personal opinion of the author.