The Magic Behind “I Am Chris Farley” (3/4)

When the people around, whether in your life or just passing by, all feel that same positive energy from you, that's when you know you're a genuinely good person; it's being Chris Farley. The Spike TV and Virgil Films production unveiled the many layers and dimensions of the SNL funny man turned movie star, and not only takes a look at his career hits, but his life's misses.

Growing up in what one would consider the picture perfect childhood of suburban Wisconsin, Farley never truly fit the mold of “normative”. He was a true outlier, but never an outcast. He captivated all who surrounded him because of his infectious personality. The documentary gathers the commentary of major players in the early SNL family, such as Mike Myers, David Spade, Adam Sandler, and Christina Appelgate, all reminiscing on moments working with him that changed a perspective in their careers. Even noted by Adam Sandler, Farley and Spade seemed to have a certain “chemistry”, or what one would consider a “bromance” that spoke to the audiences of the big screen when they starred in “Tommy Boy”.

The documentary highlights leading points in his life both in front of the camera and the most candid parts of his personal life, with the help of his brothers to commentate. Whether you are familiar with his work, or just hearing about him for the first time, “I Am Chris Farley” makes you feel as if you've known him for all your life. He's that person you've always wanted to be your best friend. With more highs than lows, the documentary celebrates a true comedic genius, and is a must see.

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