Special Correspondents (3/4) | Conversation with Ricky Gervais, Eric Bana and others

Ricky Gervais is one of the most unapologetic, honest and hilarious comedians today. This movie is an example of that in many ways. Ricky picks the topic of journalism, but does not make it into a “statement”, but makes it into quite an honest human story. We got to attend a special screening and world premier of Ricky’s next directorial venture, which he also wrote & acted in, Special Correspondents. The film was followed by a special conversation with Ricky and team of the film.



Ian Finch (Ricky Gervais) is Chief Sound Engineer” at the not so popular radio station in New York. That’s his achievement in life, which his wife Eleanor (Vera Farmiga) is not very proud of. She craves an exciting, successful life, and ends up cheating on him with Frank Bonneville (Eric Bana). Frank is the local celebrity radio correspondent, who believes he’s meant and destined for better things. He gets a mission to go to Ecuador for reporting from the war zone, with Ian as his accomplice.  Due to a “small mistake” by Ian, throwing away their passports and tickets, they end up in the apartment of his friend’s right across from radio station, instead of Ecuador. They create fake reports, and start false reporting, to not let their boss (Kevin Pollak) know about it. And before they know, the plan goes too far for them to be able to handle, and it gets out of hand. Even though still benefiting there downwards careers and Eleanor’s aspirations as well.

***Spoilers end***

Ricky plays these underdog roles, which are complete contrast of Ricky we see at Golden Globes. But this movie is more a human story than a statement. And as expected, Ricky rocks the role. Eric Bana is quite brilliant in his role. You really can’t imagine anyone else in the role of a suave, cocky but a failure-ish guy. Vera seems kinda tired in her role, but it also suits the role. America Ferrera and Raúl Castillo are quite hilarious in their roles and Kevin is a treat to watch as well. He was life of the post-screening conversation as well.

The conversation felt like a roast of Ricky. But revealed some interesting information as well. Like:

  • Ricky feels like a fish out of water, that’s why he writes and plays such roles.
  • America wasn’t sure about the film, but did it because of Ricky. With Ricky, either way it’ll be fun.
  • Netflix is great platform, since it guarantees people will see it. That’s why Ricky chose it.
  • The movie wasn’t shot in Ecuador, since Ricky felt too lazy to shoot it there.

Listen To The Conversation Here:

The movie is on Netflix now, so go watch it.

It’s quite a fun joy ride.