Sebastian Stan aka Bucky aka Winter Soldier, iN "Doctor Strange"? In theaters & IMAX, Nov 4

It was an unexpected treat for all Marvel fans last night, when Sebastian Stan showed up at the special footage screening of Marvel's "Doctor Strange" in NYC. Although he did not clarify if he's in the movie or not, he did talk about one is favorite actor Benedict Cumberbatch, and how its "strange" that he's part of the Marvel universe now. Watch the video for more.

As for the footage itself, it was very impressive. Benedict Cumberbatch is probably the best man studios could have found to play Doctor Strange (except Art Shrian, maybe? lol). He embodies the character, and gives it a new dimension. All Doctor Strange fans, Marvel fans, Cumberbitches (Benedict Cumberbatch fans) and movie fans alike, will enjoy his performance. It does remind you of Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark and Ironman, but in a good way. Benedict CUmberbacth is truly rocking in and as Doctor Strange!

As for rest of the cast, it's pretty good too. Chiwetel Ejiofor as Karl Mordo seems pretty good, but you don't see enough of him in footage to judge. he's good in action scenes, and ll we see. And the WiFi line, which is quite funny. Rachel McAdams as Christine Palmer seems perfect. She's a doctor, and love interest of Strange. But again, not a lot to see in the footage. Benedict Wong as Wong is definitely great. Funny, mean and awesome. It'll be a joy to see him as the hard-ass librarian. Mads Mikkelsen as Kaecilius is amazing. Now that's a villain, we all want. And Mads has all of that menacing, crazy villain thing. As for Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One, there's bene controversy on her role. She does suit the role, but probably they could have cast more appropriately (racially correct?). But hey, she does a great job as an actor. So, no big deal?

As from the footage, the movie looks visually amazing. The crazy mind bending sequences of Strange's fall and travel through dimensions and universes etc, to Inceptionesque visuals of bending cities etc. It's all very cool. Action looks hot, and the IMAX makes it even more fun.

Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” in theaters November 4th!