ON THE VERGE: Megan Good

Megan Good surprised me and continued to do so for our entire interview.  She's not at all what I expected and I'm tickled magenta that such a young, groovy earth mother is on the side of good.

Good is currently flexing her comedy chops as 1980s cable news executive Linda Jackson ---the woman in charge of Ron Burgundy's changing world in "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" which Ferrell co-wrote with director Adam McKay. It's a holiday hit which at press time was holding the number two spot. 

It's the kind of signature role that placed the young actress, best known for supporting parts in niche comedies "Think Like a Man" and "Jumping the Broom" and the lead in the now canceled NBC drama "Deception," in the "big, big" time!

What really struck and stayed with me, about Megan, was her easy going style which is demonstrated in her philanthropic causes most of which concern the future of young women of color. 

She also loves GOD and isn't afraid to profess it and while that truism might turn some readers way off and fine tune others way too closely let me share that my impression was that Megan Good wasn't a broken record mouthpiece for religious thumping zealots!

I've interviewed, lived with and debated with those passionate types, from many religions and Megan couldn't qualify for that (throat clearing please) eclectic melange (group).

I'm on assignment at Eden Spa, researching the perks of celebrity and submerged in a deep, wooden bathtub filled with soft, fragrant rose petals, my phone rings and my Beyonce ringtone smashes my serenity.

 My minuscule masseuse, Katherine from Guzng Zhou China, reluctantly stops and lets me do my job!

Hello, it's Megan.  That cherry statement was followed by :60 seconds of silence. Patiently, I wait for the Paramount publicist to connect me.

Hello, the chipper voice repeats, It's Megan, Megan Good. 

This was the first surprise.  She had dialed me directly from her cellphone.  No layers of Hollywood "people" just Megan calling.

Here's what she had to say about comedy, enjoying spas, helping others and her love for GOD. 

myNewYorkeye: It's you?  Wild, well how are you Ms.Good?

Megan Good: Great. We just had the NYC premiere of "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" and I'm kind of exhausted. 

myNewYorkeye: Your in NYC?  We should have done this interview at Eden Spa!  It's wonderful and I'm in total zen.  Come down now, YING (owner), just made me lunch! 

Megan Good: OMG.  I would in there in a NY-minute but I'm flying back home (LA) tonight.  Can I rain check?  I love a good spa day.  What woman doesn't?  You do sound very zen.

myNewYorkeye: I'll arrange it with Eden.  You were so funny in the movie and I'm not just gushing because I'm being pampered like I know Oprah and Gayle!

How was it working with the boys of comedy?  In Hollywood they are a powerful group; individually and combined, a lethal money making machine!

Megan Good: The boys treated me like a princess.  It was an atmosphere of great support and much laughter.  No pranks just fun on top of fun!

myNewYorkeye: Your character,  Linda Jackson, is in charge!  It was such a welcome surprise!  Any more surprises?

Megan Good: The first "Anchorman," is one of my favorite comedies so I was very pleased when the shoe, that I threw in the audition, (at Will) got me the gig!

myNewYorkeye: Sweet, you "showed" Ron Burgundy!    My colleagues have written, at length, about the type of racial jokes in the film.  In my opinion comedy is a good way to show just how stupid the "isms" are! 

Megan Good: Agreed. That's the beauty of comedy. It disarms people. 

myNewYorkeye: What's your favorite comedic film?

Megan Good: Anything that Kevin Hart is in!

myNewYorkeye: That's a lovely shout out to Hart. You sound and feel very "unhollywood" how did that miracle occur?

Megan Good: Thank you.  I grew up in the Canyon Country community of Santa Clarita.  My father, an LAPD officer, was strict.  I also started working in the industry fairly early but my love of GOD keeps me focused.  I'm answering to a higher source. 

myNewYorkeye: Amen.  Wow, I'm shocked twice.  A Hollywood working Christian!  Single, married, engaged?

Megan Good: Married and here comes another shock. 

myNewYorkeye: I'm sitting, actually, still in the tub at Eden so hit me with your best shot!

Megan Good: My husband is an executive at Columbia Pictures.

myNewYorkeye: That's not a Hollywood shock!  Your stunning and you would make a great Hollywood wife.  Congratulations by the way!

Megan Good: Thank you. His name is DeVon Franklin and he's also a minister.

myNewYorkeye: Lovely. .. .say what now?  A minister and a Tinseltown power broker? That Is a shock!  Is it really possible to be loyal to the morality of the faith and succeed in Hollywood? 

Megan Good: Absolutely!  My husband and I uplift one another while we lovingly promote the kingdom.  I've turned down roles that didn't reflect my values and I suspect that I'll turn down more. 

GOD is everything and first in my life.  Hollywood, it's a job.  A good job and I love my work but my heart is locked on heaven and I love GOD far more!

myNewYorkeye: You've told the world that you want to play the late Whitney Houston; I watch Arsenio!  Hey, the next time your in NYC will you hang with me at Eden Spa and keep me in the loop about the progress on the late Ms. Houston's bio pic?

Megan Good: I'm there and then I can also give you the details on a new not-for-profit  that I've formed (2014) with my sister.  The focus is to uplift young woman in a myriad of ways.  I am so excited!

Megan Good's next film is "Think Like a Man Too" (June).  @MeganGood