One of the best “pearls” of advice that I ever received came from Chris Rock.

I was working as a unit publicist on the set of “Beverly Hills Ninja,” which also starred the late Chris Farley.

A rising comic that cut his comedic chops on SNL (Saturday Night Live), Farley later lost his life to his drug and alcohol addiction.

That affliction was obvious during filming of the comedy and although the late comic and I had a great, great working relationship, when he asked me to be his personal publicist (during the end of principal photography), I declined because I was terrified of where his addiction would lead him.

Plus, at the time, I was not owning up to my own problem with alcohol.  I’m proud to share that I have been sober for five years and counting.

Back to my story. Sitting on the movie lot, one of my favorite places to be in Hollywood, Rock called me over and cocked his head (that Chris Rock way) and with the body language, I understood  that he wanted me to come closer.

“I am a high school drop out, Lapacazo, and I am a very, very rich man but the people behind me, they are wealthy.” 

The people “behind them” were producers/writers/intellectual property creators and owners.


Ownership of intellectual property, at least allows you a larger sliver of the “money pie.”

I’ve never forgotten that sage piece of advice from the man whose legacy is, in part, forged by early rejection and re-fortified by patience.

To that end, over the years, I’ve developed the most sincere respect for Mr. Rock.  He has inspired me, recently, to return to the active development of my own three multimedia children properties (NITE NITE SLEEPY TOWN, BOOGALOO and LADY, THE SMILING PITBULL). 

Rock has been keeping his word to help other creatives for years.  It’s that self-made, grit determination that has made opportunities available for people of color. 

That generous turn helps, to a degree, to level the playing field because, let’s face it,  you can’t become a might oak tree unless your seed is planted and properly watered.

Here is a sneak peek:

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ is better than ‘Thriller’” says TOP FIVE Director, Writer and Star,CHRIS ROCK in this EXCLUSIVE teaser where he and co-star Rosario Dawson go toe-to-toe in a no holds barred roundtable discussion about who’s the best rapper of all time – dead or alive – with the some of the best Hip Hop journalists and icons.

The Voice of NY, Angie Martinez, made sure to keep the peace in this heated discussion where Ed Lover, Miss Info, Jayson Rodriguez, Datwon Thomas and Shaheem Reid kicked some knowledge on why some rappers made their TOP FIVE list. 

Check out this teaser and the full discussion in the links below.  Do you agree?! 



2 Minute Teaser:

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