Legally Desi: Miss India America

FINALLY- the film Indian-Americans have been waiting for!  This outright hilarious comedy will have you laughing from beginning to end.  It follows Lily a shameless, but brilliant teenager who is competitively driven to achieve her meticulously calculated plans with a complete lack of empathy, for others.  So far her plans are working perfectly; valedictorian of her class, accepted into Harvard, a loving family, and not to mention a cute boyfriend who's going to be an engineer, or so she thought. Turns out her boyfriend didn't like her plans, or ever wanted to become a petroleum  engineer, or her OCD-like controlling behavior very much, so he ran off with the reigning Miss India America. Stunned and Infuriated Lily can't believe it; she's never lost at anything, there has to be some kind of mistake with the world not her. So, she decides she's going to win the Miss India America beauty pageant to get her boyfriend back, not try, but WIN. Hilarity ensues, and lessons are learned as Lily sees what her selfishness is doing to others.

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