Justice League (3/4): Review with SPOILERS | DC fans can rejoice, it's their answer to Marvel's Avengers, almost!


Justice League has been the dream DC fans since Avengers' success. With DC's Justice League releasing this Friday, that dream is about to become reality. The anticipation and excitement of comic book fans, movie fans and even non-fans is even higher for this film, since the success of DC's Wonder Woman this summer. The film was kind of a reboot, setting up a new (possible) tone for DC universe. And with Avenger's director Joss Whedon joining the team, the expectations became even higher. The good news is, the film does not completely disappoint. The bad news, it's still fully not what you may expect.

It does not have the same dark tones as 2 previous films (Man of Steel & Batman v Superman). It's funnier, slicker and sightly campier. It tries too hard to play some social justice angles, but for most part it has a decent story, with good execution. The multiple, heroes and multiple characters work, even with their own storylines, setting up followup films. All the actors are brilliant, writing is slick, action is entertaining, comedy is funny and has enough for all comic book & movie fans to rejoice and enjoy.

To summarize, Justice League, does justice to its fans. But does leave more to desire. 


After the events of Batman v Superman, Superman is gone. The world is left in darkness and despair, causing the arrival of a new dark entity, Steppenwolf (this is your typical mega super bad-entity) and his army of Parademons. He wants to enslave the entire world, and he needs 3 cubes, called Mother Boxes (yep, there's always magical cubes involved) for that, which are hidden in Themyscira, Atlantis and somewhere on Earth. Batman has sensed this arrival, and is trying to put a team together, with the help of his new ally, Wonder Woman. His first potential recruit is Aquaman, who's not interested in being part of this, and wants to continue living his loner life on a small Island. Second is the "fast guy" Barry Allen (he's not called The Flash yet), who's a friendless young teenager, a super fan of batman, and super excited to be part of any team (your typical young teenager, who's excited to play with big boys, aka the new Spiderman). Third is half man, half machine - Cyborg, who's trying to understand his new existence, and find a purpose.

After the first box gets snatched away from Amzonians, Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince reaches out to Batman. She tries to persuade Cyborg to join the team, but he's not ready. Even after initial denials, both Cyborg and Aquaman (who also loses the second box from Atlantis) reluctantly join the team. But this new team's first encounter with Steppenwolf makes them realize that they are not really ready for this fight.

Batman suggests that they use the third cube to bring Superman back to life. Even though most other team members to do not agree to the plan, they decide to go along and give it a shot. The plan works, bringing Superman back to life, but he cannot remember much, and starts a fight with the team, assuming them to be his enemies. Superman leaves when Lois arrives, and takes her back to Smallville. The bad news - In this fight, they lose the third box to Steppenwolf as well. Steppenwolf has all the boxes, to destroy the world, and finish his evil plans!

Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and Barry locate the Steppenwolf, to fight him off and recover the boxes. In a grand battle at a nuclear plant location in Eastern Europe, every one seems lost and not capable of standing against Steppenwolf, until Superman arrives. The fight takes a turn as the Justice League is brought together, and fights together like a team!

Here's the breakdown of good, and not-so-good.

The good:

  • The tone of the film is definitely different from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is a relief. It's closer to Wonder Woman, and definitely has Joss Whedon's mark on it. It has comedy, humor and some campy fun tone. But it's still a very Zack Snyder film, with it's dark moments.
  • Ben Affleck proves again, that he's a good choice for Batman. It sucks that he's almost ready to drop the mantle, and move on. Hopefully we get one BATMAN solo film with just him.
  • Gal Gadot is back as the wonderful Wonder Woman. Not much needed to be said. She rocks!
  • Ray Fisher as Cyborg is an unexpected treat. He really brings the complexity of the character, and plays an important role in the film. 
  • Jason Momoa is truly digging the role of Aquaman. He's charming, he's hot, he's funny AF and he's just amazing. Let's hope his solo film can carry that tone.
  • Even though there's already a FLASH on small screen, who's beloved, Ezra Miller's Barry Allen (he's not called THE FLASH yet) is quite good. He does remind you of the new Spiderman from Captain America: Civil War, but it works. He's excited, he's childish, he's naive, but he's truly FUN!
  • The chemistry between Batman and Wonder Woman is impressive. Hopefully we see them in more films together!
  • There is some interesting social commentary in the film. From immigration, to racism, to several other HOT social topics.
  • The opening scene with Superman is quite a treat, better than Superman in 2 previous films, honestly!
  • Great action sequences. It's a joy to watch our favorite Superheroes fight together. The dream of all DC fans, has come true!
  • Even better is the Superman's battle with rest of the team. That battle just rocks. Superman against Justice League (kinda!).
  • And even cuter, is the Superman's race with Flash. Yes, that's mid credit, so don't miss it!
  • And do not miss post credit scene with Lex Luthor and Slade Wilson. Yep, it's pretty cool!!
  • Additional mentions:
    • Amber Heard's Meera is really cool. Can't wait to see more!
    • Jeremy Irons is a good Alfred. Yes, he is!
    • Joe Morton as Dr Silas Stone, Cyborg's father. Just wonderful!
    • Ciaran his voice for Steppenwolf. Better than James Spader as Ultron.

Not so good:

  • Henry Cavill's Superman still seems stuck in the tone of previous films. It's slightly better, but it's still not the Superman we have grown to love. Will it ever be?
  • Lois is mostly wasted. The emotional drama between Clark and Lois is just not very convincing.
  • Steppenwolf is not as menacing as you may expect it to be. He doesn't even look great. That's the best they could do. WTF?
  • For some fans, the characters may not be developed enough, since we haven't seen all their solo films or know much about them. Specially Cyborg and Aquaman.
  • The film seems to try too hard to make some social commentary. Some of it doesn't really fit with the tone of the film overall.
  • We don't see result of the race between Superman and The Flash. Why??
  • Why waste J.K. Simmons like that? He's such a great actor, and has almost nothing to do.


Overall, it's an enjoyable film, with great cast, good direction, amazing visuals and many of our favorite superheroes together on the big screen. And it works! Let's just hope that this is a sign of DC on a new path, and it continues in the right direction. And like Justice League, the upcoming films do justice to its fans.