Who doesn't like to dance or watch handsome, well toned bodies move to a wicked beat? 

The creative team behind the first hit, "Magic Mike" is ready to bring the heat again and to get the party started, the social trending hash tag is your hump day/#WCW, with the new MAGIC MIKE XXL poster being revealed with leading lady JADA PINKETT SMITH front and center.

The ageless beauty of Ms. Pickett keeps glowing and giving credence to the saying that, frankly "black don't crack!"

The tag line that's suggested for this advice post warned "MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY, there’s a new boss in town and her name’s ROME." That's JADA’S character who is brand, spanking new and bringing the heat to the upcoming sequel.

Lush eye candy and cast member MATT BOMER got his time to shine earlier this week when his character poster was also revealed to the world.

MAGIC MIKE XXL hits theaters nationwide on July 1st!