Chat w/ Molly Ryan, from Brooklyn Moving Company & 24 Hour Musical

Molly Ryan photo.JPG

Molly Ryan is a New York based actor. She recently co-stared in and produced Brooklyn Moving Company, a Pilot selected to headline this year’s New York Television Festival. 

We had a chat with Molly and here are the excerpts:

  • What was the most difficult and most rewarding part of making Brooklyn Moving Company

  • The most difficult part was really just the legwork involved, something that comes with creating anything independently and within a tight budget. However, I would say this was also the most rewarding part as well - to be a part of a project you are truly proud of that was 100% the effort of everyone involved in the small cast and crew. 

  • What's next with the project?

  • The Pilot premiered in July at the New York Television festival. It would be awesome to see something more come of it, but that’s really up to the writers and the vision that they have going forward. As individuals we’re all continuing to work on different projects in New York and Los Angeles but as a group we’re still performing together regularly in Tuff Boys Present: 24 Hour Musical.

24 Musical_Poster 1.JPG
  • What’s next with you and 24 Hour Musical?

  • We are performing two more dates this year, including a holiday themed “extravaganza”! More dates in information can be found here:

    What's your message to other aspiring actors and filmmakers, specially in NYC?

  • Finding fellow artists to collaborate with that you genuinely enjoy working with may be the most important lesson I have learned. It’s certainly not the easiest or most predictable path to take, so when you’re able to enjoy and have fun with a creative experience - hold onto it. 

  • What’s your most favorite and least favorite thing about NYC?

  • Favorite = the people. Least favorite = ...honestly? Subway delays.

You can see Molly perform monthly at the People’s Improv Theater in the 24 hour Musical with her musical comedy group Tuff Boys and at the PIT Loft in ZIP ZAP DEAD the non-improv short play about improv gone wrong. She can also be seen in the Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Movies produced series Exorsisters as well as the feature film Present From the Past shooting this November in New York City. Molly is a graduate of Michael Howard Studios One-Year Acting Conservatory, The Actor’s Program at Freeman Studios and Bentley University where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Studies.