10 Cloverfield Lane (3/4) | Why John Goodman is one of the best actors in Hollywood

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)  Image  S ource : IMDb

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) Image Source: IMDb

As per JJ Abrams, the producer, 10 Cloverfield Lane is a spiritual successor to the mega hit, experimental film, Cloverfield. And for the most part, it does not relate to the other film. No handheld footage, no running around, not much explosions or falling buildings etc etc. But it does remind you of the unexpected panic, the fear of unknown, the craziness of the situation, without seeing much. 

This is a regular 3rd person narrative, sci-fi thriller/horror movie. But that's where the "regularness" ends. It's irregular and special in many other ways. Unlike some other captive horror movies (SAW, for example), this one is not over the top gory or freaky. It's not like stranded/stuck movies (like ROOM), but shows you the emotional turmoil of being stuck. It's a sci-fi movie with Aliens too. It's many movies in one, and they're all good movies.

Michelle has an accident and ends up in a bunker with Howard. He claims the world has come to an end, with nothing left outside. And he's saved her inside, with Emmett. Michele is not convinced, and keeps searching for truth. What is the truth? Has the world ended? Are they kidnapped and being held by a psycho? Is there an alien attack? The questions get answered, and it's not bad!

One of the best thing about this movie is John Goodman. He truly carries the movie on his shoulders, with his brilliant performance. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is good as the scream queen and damsel in distress. It's repetitive but good performance. John Gallagher, Jr. is kinda bum. Dan Trachtenberg direction is spot on and keeps the movie tight and moving. Lot of unseen terror, until you see it.

If you're into psychological thrillers or sci-fi horror movies, this one would be a good watch. If you like lot of ongoing action, this may not be it.