Ten Toes Rejoicing with @timeslippers

My ten toes are celebrating because I cared enough to slide them into time slippers. It might read to good to be true but I suggest that you trust my ten “little piggies” and make your tired feet smile.

TI:ME® Leather Slippers look like hip sneakers, solid doppelgängers but they are a new line of footwear—which began as a Kickstarter project—are actually high-end slippers that are perfectly designed to look like sneakers. Now they are ready for purchase in three styles: lows, mids, and high-tops and to the uneducated, naked eye I look like any other urban, fashionable sneaker-head sporting the latest style but in truth, I am striding in maximum comfort.

The designers created high-performance leather slippers with low-top construction which allows for unrestricted movement. Their top-quality leather upper is ultra-soft and conforms to foot over time with the insoles made out of the same material that’s used on yoga mats. Natural wool lining wicks away moisture, keeping foot warm and dry and does not cause sweaty feet. The flexible construction also features a collapsible heel which provides for a much more agile fit. Sumo-stretch,10mm, laces reduce tension and secure lockdown. They have a lightweight, flexible outsole which is designed for indoor and outdoor use. The Leather however may become discolored or change shape if exposed to snow or rain

The chic TI:ME® Leather Slippers are prices around $100 but since they double as sneakers and slippers it’s a solid bargain both for your wallet and most importantly, for your hard working feet.

Four Star Rating!