@837NYC, VR experience is FUN and FREE! #LWDYK

Lapacazo, What Do You Know?  I know about virtual reality and in NYC, at the Samsung 837 experience it’s free and fun! 

Don’t fret when you get the notification that out of town guests are arriving at your door this season. So you can’t get them tickets to HAMILTON you can still give them a taste of innovation that costs them nothing and will entertain them for hours.  

Google the Samsung 837 “where technology and culture collide. It’s located in the heart of the cobble stoned streets in the Meatpacking district in NYC, where “Samsung 837 combines art, fashion, technology, and sport in unprecedented ways.” Check it. The place is filled with ideas and unique opportunities to try out the Samsung’s cutting edge devices including the Samsung V.R.gear but since it’s not a store, don’t expect to be able to purchase any Samsung products. 

The line up of FREE events at Samsung 837 isoff the chain good and it goes way beyond just concerts and screenings, it shows how their devices contribute to moments worth the buzz.


The space was designed by renowned architecture firm Wonderwall and features an amphitheater area, VR tunnel, customer service and workshop area, and café. Enjoy live DJs spinning every day from 1-7pm in their fully equipped DJ Studio. From house to reggae, we have a sound to match every taste. Every Sunday sign up for the 837 Run Club.  Be fearless and lace up your shoes and come sweat it out with expert-led jogs along the Hudson Highline.

Here is what you need to know about the Samsung V.R. gear that’s powered by Oculus. 

Lapacazo Sandoval: How Many Apps are in the Gear V.R.?

Samsung makes the gear V.R. and Oculus is the virtual reality content provider. There are over150 experiences currently in the Oculus app. 

LS: I was bowled over by the fact that you can enjoy Netflix on the Samsung V.R. gear?  Explain.

The Netflix app is downloadable through the Oculus app. You can log in and watch your choices. Anything that was shot in 360 degrees will show up all around you as you are watching it.  Anything that was not recorded specifically in 360 degrees will appear— like a giant screen— in front of you, as if it’s being projected. Imagine. Just like if you are sitting there.

LS: How can I enjoy this experience, with my friend, using an Avatar with the Samsung V.R. gear?

That’s a great question. When you download the Gear V.R. app (through Oculus app) one of the 150 experiences and that ranges from watching movies and playing games and also includes [a] social hangouts.  

Let’s say that you are in New York City and your friend is in Japan. If you both have Samsung gear V.R. and you’ve downloaded the [Netflix app] you can both ‘ virtually hang out ‘ in a social hang out setting and using a cartoon Avatar and it looks like both of you are in the same room.  Similar to a video chat or phone conversation. Using the character [Avatar] you can have a conversation and it feels like you are there with that person. 

LS: Describe the worlds’ largest selfie?

The photo mosaic here at Samsung 837 is the world’s largest selfie. You take a picture wait just a few seconds and it pops up on the world’s largest social media display and this screen, as we call it: it’s 96, 55’ inch panels. Once it takes your photo, it’s comprised of 55 thousand Instagram images.  

LS: That’s great family connectivity and it’s free except for the coffee bar upstairs.  

Correct. At Samsung 837 we sell nothing but you can experience everything. Our events are free but RSVP is essential. Go to Event Brite Samsung 837 event bar. One of the newest attractions is the 4 D virtual roller coaster experience where the chairs move.  All free!