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TFII (Tribeca Film Institute Interactive) assembled the brightest thinkers and innovators for an all-day forum that explores storytelling in the digital age. Returning for a second year was the “Interactive Playground” which connected participants with a selection of groundbreaking projects – including That Dragon, Cancer, Confinement, and One Dark Night.

TFIi kicked off with a  keynote from artist, director, and “body architect,” Lucy McRae. Trained as a classical ballerina and architect, Lucy shared how she views the intersection of biology and technology in our physical bodies. The day closed with “Seven Digital Deadly Sins, Live” an interactive experience presented by IDFA DocLab and hosted by Ophira Eisenberg of NPR’s, Ask me Another. 

List of Interactive Playground Projects :

 Interactive Haiku - Interactive haiku is a collection of a collection of 12 very, very, short interactive explorations. To discover quickly, without rushing. Dive in, crawl, kick back and play!

 One Dark Night -This immersive journalism virtual reality piece tells the story of the day teenager Travyon Martin was shot and killed by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.

 That Dragon, Cancer -An adventure game about hope in the face of death. A story about raising a son. A parable of grace.

 Confinement - 4 cement walls, 8 x 10 feet for 23 hours a day. That’s what 81,000 prisoners of America’s criminal justice system call home, many thousands of whom are children. Here, for three minutes, you experience a taste, firsthand.

 Priya’s Shakti - Priya, a mortal woman and rape survivor, and the Goddess Parvati fight against gender-based sexual violence in India and around the world in this layered storytelling project and augmented reality comic book.

 Sparse - Sparse is an interactive music performance—using the crowds smartphones as a collective speaker-system.  The idea is to split a musical piece into a variety of parts, and evenly distribute them across smartphones in order to create a spatial performance of the piece.

 Play Space - Play Space is both an installation and an instrument: a space that responds musically as people move within and through it.

 Slapstream - Slapstream is a Kinect-powered retro-style videogame controlled by slapping yourself in the face.

 Paperdude VR - PaperDude VR is an homage to 80's classic video game Paperboy with a full technology reboot.

Photo Credit: Tribeca Film Institute

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