• @TribecaFilmFest | @MontyPython: The Meaning of LIVE (4/4) #TFF2015

I for one have never been a HUGE fan of Monty Python, unlike many others. I have not seen lot of there work either. I watched the HOLY GRAIL last year, and wasn’t super impressed. It was funny, it was good, but I didn’t find it amazing. But how could I say NO to an opportunity to watch these legends LIVE at Tribeca Film Festival’s American Express Card Member exclusive world premiere of Monty Python: The Meaning of Live. And I have to say, it was amazing, it was awesome!

What makes Monty Python so great? What makes them a phenomenon? What makes them a legend? This is a documentary film, which does give you a feeling that you understand these questions better. You see them, like you may not have seen them ever before. And I don’t just mean older. I mean, as people with true passion for what they do, love for comedy and performing art and zeal to break barriers and do that has or was never done. And they did it like no one else probably ever could. There’s a moment in this film, when they show Mike Myers appearing on stage for there last show at O2. When asked who’s his best & most favorite ever in comedy, with tears he says, Monty Python, no one even comes closer. And you believe that for yourself. And for more, you’ll have to watch it for yourself.

This wonderful event was even made more special by their presence and Q&A at the end. I got to see that these people are not just funny and brilliant when it’s scripted; they are genuinely amazing in person as well. While watching the movie, I heard some huge laughter next to me. And I turned to see, that person sitting 2 seats from me was none other than John Cleese himself, truly enjoying watching this documentary for the first time. And there were the 2 other Pythons Eric Idle and Michael Palin. It was quite an honor to enjoy this wonderful film siting besides these true legends. Now it’s time for me to go back and watch all of Monty Python from beginning, till end… while hoping that these legends live on and it never ends!

While perhaps best known for its eminently quotable films, Monty Python has performed its signature, surreal humor in live shows since the group’s earliest days. Dive into the history of Python’s stage work and the genesis of some of its most well-known pieces as they prepare for their last-ever live show. Monty Python: the Meaning of Life is a hilarious and illuminating survey of the process behind the Python.


Year: 2014

Length: 94 minutes

Language: English

Country: U.K.

Premiere: International


Director: Roger Graef, James Rogan

Producer: Jim Beach, Holly Gilliam, Lindsey Jex

Editor: Simon Barker, David Atkinson

Executive Producer: Lucy Ansbro

Cast: Terry Gilliam, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, with Graham Chapman