@TribecaFilmFest | Ava DuVernay & Q-Tip – Tribeca Talks #TFF2015 #TFF

Ava was just as I predicted her to be. Her aura projected nothing but warm, sweet, yet sharp and confident, a strong and empowering woman.  I am so glad I attended this Q & A. Musician Q-Tip held the discussion and questions on Wednesday, April 22 in the SVA Theatre. First, Q-Tip touched on Ava’s accomplishments. One that sends chills down my spine and a slight proud tear to my eye: Ava is the first African American woman to be nominated for a Golden Globe award for her film Selma. Next, Ava spoke of her directing style on set, goals with her projects, and even touched on her writing style. I always love to hear about how industry deals with deadlines, pressures, and being under a network “umbrella.”  It still looks like Ava has her creative drive in full force. She touched on her passion for all mediums of expression and love for the camera AND the actor: whether that be a film, tv show, commercial, or even music video.  I am excited to watch where Ava’s journey continues, she’s unstoppable.