THE WILD IMMERSION ADDS THREE NEW VR FILMS TO ITS ‘VIRTUAL RESERVES’ EXPERIENCE | Aurora Borealis, Baby Animals and Great Apes Feature in Breath-taking New Nature Videos

Pioneering VR experience producers The Wild Immersion will add three new VR film experiences to its set of breath-taking 3D nature videos, it was announced today by founder Adrien Moisson. The three new films will focus on Aurora Borealis or ‘the northern lights’, baby animals and great apes.

The Wild Immersion chose their latest three subjects as part of their overall strategy to immerse people in the beauty of natural environments they might not otherwise experience. Each film is 12 minutes long and shot by Moisson and director Raphaël Aupy. ‘Borealis’ is currently in post-production and was shot in locations across of Finland. The baby animals film titled ‘The Cutest Movie in the World’ was shot in France, Belgium, South Africa, New Zealand, Costa Rica and Argentina in late 2018 and features rabbits, horses, elks, sea turtles, pangolins, seals, birds and penguins. ‘The Great Apes’ will begin shooting in the last week of January in Tanzania, Uganda and Indonesia.

“By adding these new films we’re enhancing our ability to create empathy and wonder for our natural world, which is truly an honor for us,” said Moisson. “We are so excited to help people experience the sheer beauty of Aurora Borealis, the incredible experience of new life and get up close and personal with our closest relatives in the animal kingdom.” 

The Wild Immersion virtual nature reserves currently consist of three 12-minute VR experiences shot during 120 days among animals in their natural habitats in the Amazon, Australia, Canada, Colombia, and Sri Lanka using 360-degree VR cameras creating a fully immersive experience.  The three films are Terra, set in tropical ecosystems; Alba, filmed in polar habitats; and Aqua, which goes beneath the waves.

The Wild Immersion is bringing the world’s first ‘virtual nature reserve’ to Park City during the Sundance Film Festival 2019, with pop up installations at The Fly Lounge (427 Main Street) from January 24-28 and the Kia Supper Suite (890 Main Street) from January 26-27. The Wild Immersion will also have installations at 2019 Berlinale and a Soho House Amsterdam members pop-up February 12, 2019. Permanent installations have also been rolled out with international distribution partners.

The Wild Immersion team launched the VR content at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018 and since then has debuted the experiences at the Forum des images in Paris, Mountain View in Shenzhen in China, Pathe cinemas in France and Switzerland, Parc Omega in Montreal, Canada and secured an international distribution agreement with VR specialist Diversion Cinema. Discussions are underway to bring the Wild Immersion experience into malls, zoos, and theaters in the US, UK, France, China and beyond.

The Wild Immersion is the brainchild of Adrien Moisson who developed the fully immersive VR reserve as part of a wider plan to develop social, economic, and ecological projects with conservation at their core. Having already locked distribution in Europe and China, The Wild Immersion is heading to Sundance to showcase its amazing visuals and technology. Profits from the virtual reserve distribution program are being used to fund real reserves across the globe.

To experience The Wild Immersion virtual nature reserve in Park City and meet with creator Adrien Moisson please contact Charlotte Hallam to set up your own private appointment with nature.

TRAILER: The Wild Immersion endorsed by Jane Goodall:

About The Wild Immersion

The Wild Immersion produces breathtaking 3D experiences, leveraging the best augmented-reality footage techniques and cutting-edge immersive technologies, to plunge the spectators into a Nature 360° action film. The spectator experiences the feeling of being in the middle of the wilderness, discovering mind-blowing situations, like it would happen in real life.

The Wild Immersion Virtual Reserve program brings a strong educational message, about the Nature and the situation on species extinctions in the world, particularly for younger generations.