The best 6 short films at Tribeca Film Festival 2017

Those days are gone when short films were just a showcase for for up & coming filmmakers, or just a pitch to do something. Short films and short content has become a medium for all kind of storytellers to tell wonderful stories in narrative, animation and even docs. Film festivals happen to be one of those few venues where you get to see lot of good short films. And Tribeca Film Festival in particular does a great job of curating wonderful short films.

Here are our picks for short films from Tribeca Film Festival 2017

  • Big City - Vijay, a lonely taxi driver who recently moved to Melbourne, picks up Chris, a stray drunk who befriends him, and over the course of the night, Chris experiences some of Vijay's troubles and Vijay learns to see the city in a new light.
    Director: Jordan Bond, Lachlan Ryan
    The film tells a very simple but beautiful story, of how a random interaction between 2 people in one night, can tell tale of racism, friendship, loneliness and more. 
  • Joy Joy Nails - Sarah manages Joy Joy Nails with a cheerful iron fist – but she gets her manicured claws out when Chinese Mia, a manicurist trainee, looks to be stealing the boss's son's affections, soon discovering that under the varnish, everyone's a victim.
    Director: Joey Ally
    A nail salon, filled with immigrant workers who speak Korean & Chinese. You may think that it could be tale of racism or something. But it's just a tale of discrimination & molestation with in the community. And how a woman (or two), deals with it.
  • The Suitcase - The ordinary life of a Boston bred baggage handler is turned upside down when he steals a suitcase that contains terrorist plans. Inspired by true events on 9/11.
    Director: Abi Damaris Corbin
    Now here's film well produced and well made. Director Abi D Corbin's directorial debut tells a true untold story from the horrific day of 9/11. A thief, a culprit, a hero? She doesn't make those judgment for you, but tells you a wonderful story, beautifully told.
  • Viola Franca - It's Sicily in 1965, and Franca is forced to marry her rapist to avoid becoming a pariah in her traditionalist community, but she rebels against the established custom and sets a precedent that alters the course of Italian history, paving the way for women's rights.
    Director: Marta Savina
    The film is beautifully shot in Italy, and looks wonderful. And the painful story onto screen is told by the wonderful actors, beautifully as well. This courageous true story, does move you.
  • The World In Your WindowSqueezed into a tiny caravan, eight-year-old Jesse and his grief-stricken father are in limbo, existing more than living – until an accidental friendship with a V8-driving transsexual unlocks the means for Jesse to liberate his father and himself.
    Director: Zoe McIntosh
    A film with not much dialogue, but lot of beautiful story telling. The film speaks about family, love,  grief, friendship and also normalizes LGBT in that process. 
  • Curpigeon - A heartwarming story about the power of community support during a time of grief, this action-oriented CG-animated short film centers around a group of park pigeons and their old men pals who come together to help one of their own get through a great loss.
    Director: Dmitry Milkin
    Last, but not the least. This wonderful animated film by the very talented director Dmitry Milkin, tells a lovely story of friendship between people, and between people and animals/birds, or pigeons to be more specific. The film does make you tear up a lil towards the end, and has a strong message of love & togetherness.