I'm keeping it 100% because, frankly, I am too old to remember lies.

Here is a fact, wherever Anthony Anderson was roaming during the NAACP IMAGE AWARDS you could hear the man. Seriously and with humour, deaf people could hear executive producer/actor/host Anthony Anderson and not because he’s loud—that’s a fact—they could hear him because this man loves his job.

L o v e s.  The attitude of gratitude was expressed throughout the night and not just for the thick, juicy pay-checks that’s associated with the industry with a particular emphasis on the heavy paper (money) given in television — but the for sheer fact of being recognized and honoured by your peers.

Hint, hint “black folks” are hard to impress.  I’m keeping it 100% percent and it’s not because we are snobs. Gosh-darn, no, t’s because our tribe is particularly and generously gifted in so many areas that what passes as “great” in some circles is just plain-ole’ ordinary “nice” in our circles.

What?  100% people—100%!!!!!

So when “we” step up and start applauding the tears from those being nominated and finally honoured come from such a deep rooted places, well darn it’ , I tear up as well.

Some of the best lines on the press line, in the ladies room, in the press room and finally inside the VIP event can be summed up like this:

“Damn, we are a talented group of folks.”

Amen.  Keeping it 100% on my road trip!

Stick around for a fun slide show and a few short videos and maybe some Vine action.