Nordic International Film Festival announce their opening night film and their 2017 line-up

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The Nordic Film Festival is proud to announce their third year line up, with 24 competing films of Nordic and International decent. 83% of the films have female producers, directors and writers! The opening night feature is the international premiere of Finland’s and ‘Man and a Baby’, directed by Marja Pyykkö. That will screen at 7pm at the renowned Scandinavia House on Park Avenue, New York.

The Nordic consulate will attend the opening night film and the award ceremony gala the last night.

The festival will screen 6 International Premieres, 8 North American Premieres, and all the rest; US or New York Premieres will screen at Scandinavia House October 12 - 14th.

New York Women in Film and TV will have an industry panel on the co-work of International Productions at NIFF on October 12th.

The competition jury includes Bo Svenson (Inglourious Basterds) Brooklyn Decker (Grace and Frankie), Charlotte Munck (Anna Pihl), Hakeem Kae-Kazim (Black Sails), Jacob A Ware (Boardwalk Empire), Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones), Kristin Chenoweth (Glee) and Selenis Leyva (Orange is the New Black).

The Nordic International Film Festival (NIFF) celebrates Nordic and international films. They discover new and upcoming independent films as well as honoring great work from already established filmmakers. NIFF's programmers focus on finding diverse independent films with strong characters and storylines and encourage all filmmakers, regardless of ethnicity or religion. The festival was founded by Johan Matton and Linnea Larsdotter; they have partnered this year with Volvo.

This year the Nordic International Film Festival (NIFF) will be held from October 12-14th at Scandinavia House in New York. Nordic International Film Festival has throughout the year collaborated with Gunpowder and Sky a distribution company that focus one finding new films from around the world.

“This way of introducing non-represented films as a festival to distribution companies is our way to help independent filmmakers obtain distribution for their films without having to pay for sales agent fees. As a festival we have leverage to help the filmmakers though the distribution companies know we as a festival have watched hundreds of films and selectively introduces only, maybe, only 2-3 titles to the distribution company that we believe hold very high quality” - John Matton, Founder of Nordic International Film Festival.

Competition line-up

  • Narrative Short
    • Far from the Tree – US – New York Premiere, Dave Thomas
    • Tomorrow Is Far Away - France - North American Premiere, Capucine Lespinas
    • Limbo - Greece - New York Premiere, Konstantina Kotzamani
  • Documentary Short
    • Love and Fear - Denmark - World Premiere, Thora Lorentzen
    • Per - Sweden - World Premiere, World Premiere
    • A Home In Memory - Finland - US Premiere, Helena Oest
    • Kometen - Sweden - International Premiere, Victor Lindgren
  • Narrative features
    • Quit Staring At my plate - Croatia - East Coast Premiere, Hana Jušić
    • The Strange Ones – US, Christopher Radcliff
    • Documentary features
    • A Modern Man - Denmark - East Coast Premiere, Eva Mulvad
    • Waiting For The Sun - Denmark - New York Premiere, Kaspar Astrup Schröder
    • 69 Minutes of 86 Days - Norway - New York Premiere, Egil Håskjold Larsen


  • Nordic shorts A
    • Under The Surface You Are Never Alone - Sweden - North American Premiere, Alessandro Berellini
    • Renard Rouge - Sweden - North American Premiere, Leonard Rääf
    • Retrett - Norway - North American Premiere, Itonje Søimer Guttormsen
  • Nordic shorts B
    • An Autobiography – Finland, Mari Mantela
    • Superluminal - Sweden - International Premiere, Patrick Alexander
    • Distance - Denmark - International Premiere, Rikke Louise Schjødt
    • Cubs - Iceland - New York Premiere, Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir
    • Forever Now - Denmark - East Coast Premiere, Kristian Håskjold
  • Nordic feature
    • Man and a baby - Finland - International Premiere, Marja Pyykkö
    • Lovers - Denmark - World Premiere, Niels Holstein Kaa
    • Bakerman - Denmark - North American Premiere, David Noel Bourke