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Today, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) hosted a special “Women Breaking Barriers: Where Are We Now?” panel at the SundanceTV Headquarters, moderated by HFPA member Elisabeth Sereda. Panelists included accomplished women and men from various fields in the film industry including Jenna Elfman (Golden Globe-winning actress), Cassian Elwes (Award-winning producer, “Mudbound”), Kyra Sedgwick (Golden Globe-winning actress), and Octavia Spencer (Golden Globe-winning actress and producer). Sundance Institute’s Executive Director Keri Putnam and HFPA member Silvia Bizio opened the panel with a brief Q&A followed by an HFPA announcement that the organization will continue to show support to the Sundance Institute’s Women’s programs by donating $50,000. To date, the HFPA has donated $100,000 to this program.

During the discussion, panelists spoke about the progress made in the last year and how to continue the momentum moving forward towards gender parity in the industry. 

Spencer, who has expressed gratitude to Jessica Chastain in the past for making a stand for equal pay, said today, “We need advocates and allies in negotiating.” She continued, “When I was negotiating my deal for Madam C.J., Lebron James had to intervene. We need all of our male counterparts to be in the fight with us.”

Continuing on the topic of men joining the conversation, Elwes spoke about the learning curve in Hollywood and relayed an anecdote from a recent conversation with a lawyer negotiating on behalf of a male co-star during which the lawyer was fighting for his client to make more than his female counterpart. Cassian received a round of applause after explaining that the conversation concluded with Elwes stating,” I have two words for you, man, Time’s Up.”

Sedgwick ended the panel with a message to all women in the entertainment industry.  “Women always have to work harder than men because we’re in a patriarchal system. So, we have to work harder.” Sedgwick added, “If you’re in a woman in power in Hollywood right now and you’re not reaching down and pulling up another woman, you’re f*cking up.”

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