GoldenGlobes 2017 show DIVERSITY & INCLUSION in Hollywood: LaLaLand is the big winner along with Moonlight, Atlanta and Meryl Streep

GoldenGlobes presented by Hollywood Foreign Press association are one of the most coveted entertainment award of the year, in TV & Film. But they are also known for their host, the presentation, the party and almost everything about it. The 74th Golden Globe Awards last night were not disappointing. It was fun!

Jimmy Fallon was the host this year, and as expected he was what he is, sweet, kind, charming, fun & non-scandalous. Although he did try to make up for his Trump interview by making few jokes on Trump. Although his opening monologue almost got sabotaged like Mariah Carey, but he was able to rescue it by his wit and NBC's quick teleprompter replacement. His cold open with the LaLaLand style musical was really cool though. There was no hard-hitting scandalous comments like Ricky Gervais or even Tina Fey & Amy Poehler, but it was a fun, clean family entertainment  hosting version with Jimmy.

The presenters were pretty good too. It was great to see some INCLUSION & DIVERSITY on the stage. Priyanka Chopra rocked the stage in her beautiful golden dress and beautiful smile. Dev Patel was on the stage with the young Sunny Pawar, both from the wonderful film LION. Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn had quite a fun bit, with Goldie playing the dumb blind old lady, and Amy playing Amy. But the night's best was Kristen Wiig and Steve Carrell. There skit about there first animated movie was HILARIOUS!

The most talked about event of the night was Meryl Streep's speech. Meryl was presented the Cecil B. deMille award by Viola Davis. The most decorated and one of the best actress of all time, definitely deserved this accolade, like many other she has won. But she did not just give a speech thanking people or talking about women issues, sexism etc. She took the opportunity to express her honest opinion about the current political situation in the country. And in turn she gained respect of several more Americans, and probably disdain of many too. You can check out the speech here for yourself.