This past weekend, Tribeca Talks ESPN Sports Film Festival brought Eva Longoria and Retta to showcase their films and to share their passion towards supporting the cause of diversity. Both of these ladies are not just phenomenal actors but also great filmmakers as well. And they are also social activist supporting cause of diversity and social justice.

That’s the motivation behind Eva’s project “Go Sebastian Go” which she both executive produced and directed. The film is about 11 year old Sebastien de la Cruz whose rendition of the national anthem before Game three of the 2013 NBA Finals kindled a blaze of racist tweets. Many of them started branding him 'illegal' and ridiculed his outfit and asked him to “go back”. Sebastian - who was born and raised in San Antonio - was the subject of hate-fueled abuse on social media because he was dressed in his favorite mariachi costume, and for his proud display of his Mexican heritage. Following the national controversy on the night of his performance, he was invited the next day to perform again. However his reception this time was far more supportive and positive. And Eva was one of his biggest cheerleaders on that day. She immediately tweeted: 'As a Mexican-American, I am so proud of Sebastien De La Cruz, a great symbol of what America is today!'

Sebastien said of his critics: 'With the racist remarks, it was just people - how they were raised. My father and my mama told me you should never judge people by how they look.' And he said, “Only 3 things are important in my life, my parents, god and mariachi”. How many 11 year olds have their top priorities clear!"

Eva is well known for her philanthropy work, and her faith in supporting Hispanic community triggered her to make this film. She also talked about her passion towards supporting diversity in America. And the need of more woman in entertainment business, not just as actors, but producers, writers, directors and all kind of roles. To give the world women’s perspective on different subjects, which only women can do! Retta chorused the same thoughts and her strong feelings were also expressed by her upcoming documentary film about famous French-American Ice skater of 70s, Surya Bonaly.

ESPN is going to bring many more wonderful stories soon and we’ll keep you all posted.