Dan Guillaro, DP to director w/ "KACHREWALA: Five Cents Each" at Manhattan Film Festival

Daniel Guillaro is a NYC-based filmmaker. Since graduating Fordham University in 2012, he has worked as a freelance cinematographer and editor for documentaries and short films. He also  produces videos for non-profits. Since he was young he's always wanted to tell stories that engage audiences and elevate our collective understanding of what it is to be human.

His first project as a director is "KACHREWALA: Five Cents Each". The short film is premiering at Manhattan Film Festival on April 24th. We talked to Dan, here are the excerpts.

What inspired you to get into the film business?
I think movies have a unique ability to shape the way people can view what's possible. Not just in a technological sense but in a more personal and emotional sense. I guess novels can do that too but making movies is more fun.

How was the process of making this film, and what did you learn in the process?
Making Kachrewala: five cents each was pretty hectic. We shot in all in two days on a pretty tight schedule with a very light crew in Manhattan. We even had to arrange the timing of shooting one of our scenes with alternate-side parking rules on that street. All in all I learned how helpful it is to surround yourself with a dedicated and competent crew, as our crew did a great job dealing with the challenges of shooting in the city.

How did working on this subject personally impact you?
Working on this project opened my eyes to this subculture of bottle collectors. It reminded me that there are all sorts of lives being lived in New York. Some are unfortunate enough to have to pick bottles for extra cash, but they are driven enough that they want to make that cash themselves by putting in the work. There's hard work being done everywhere in New York.

What are your favorite Filmmakers and films?
It's hard to say who my favorite filmmakers are because I don't think I gravitate toward any particular style. But here are three that are kind of representative of why I love movies: Wings of Desire, Ed Wood, and Blade Runner.

As a New Yorker, what's your most favorite and least favorite thing about New York?
My favorite thing about New York is it's full of life and in your all the time. My least favorite thing about New York is it's full of life and in your face all the time. So it kind of evens out.

You can follow the film on Facebook & Twitter at @KachrewalaFilm. To learn more and get your tickets for the screening, check out the link below.