Ben Milken, director of "Lake Alice" #Sundance


Ben Milliken directs the film Lake Alice, which will premiere at Sundance in January 2017. The English-born actor starred in the independent feature film, “Newcastle,” which made its world premiere at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival. Ben’s other roles include “Melrose Place” (CW) and “Gigantic” (Teen Nick), “CSI- Miami” (CBS) and was the male lead in the TV movie, Deadly Sibling Rivalry (Lifetime). He also played the lead male role in Blue Crush 2 (Universal Pictures). Ben’s passion for storytelling and filmmaking led him into the role of producer as he went on to produce the single take romantic comedy Somebody Marry Me. Ben then made his directorial debut with the thriller Lake Alice in early 2015. In 2016, Ben returned to the silver screen landing a role in the feature film Emerald Run.

We had a chance to catch up with him at Sundance 2017. here are the excerpts:

  • What's your most favorite memory of Sundance? 
    The buzz of the place. there is so much excitement and anticipation that fills the air. 
  • What did you enjoy most about this project? Why should audience watch it? 
    All the actors were such a joy to work with. It felt like a collaborative journey we were all on together. 
  • What do you like about being a storyteller and artist? What's your message to other aspiring storytellers? 
    To be able to bring ideas to life, for an audience to see. I would say, don't focus on money or fame, it's always about the work. 
  • What was your experience of being behind the camera? What was most painful and most satisfying aspect? 
    It was a very rewarding experience to be able to take something from an idea to a finished product. To be able to bring a story to life visually. The most painful part of this project was the extreme cold we faced while shooting. -30 degrees.
  • What's your most favorite and least favorite thing about NYC? 
    Favorite thing - the city is alive, there is always something to do, somewhere to go, something new to see. My least favorite - winter. too cold.