Art Shrian in ROSE GOLD, off-broadway play by Keli Laing. Only June 2-3, BUY NOW!

This weekend on June 2 & 3, Roy Arias Main Stage Theater in midtown Manhattan will have 3 showings of the wonderful off-broadway play ROSE GOLD, co-starring Art Shrian. Please check out the details and buy the ticket stand link below:

Written by actor, writer, director Keli Laing, Rose Gold is a story about a young woman conveniently named Rose who works as the head bartender at Flow Bar and Grill. Though she seemingly has "it together", she has fallen on hard times pretty much her entire life. For most of those times, she managed to push through and keep her faith in God that one day life will get better. That is until she receives some horrible news about the love of her life, which causes her to decide living her dream isn't realistic and God may not be as loyal as she once thought. Even with her trials and tribulations, Rose manages to keep the bar and her family-like co-workers in pretty good shape. Even if they are a little crazy. She also has the pleasure of dealing with those special patrons of the bar that come by from time to time to let Rose know she's not alone with her life struggles. It can be a burden at times, but at other times it can be a blessing in disguise.